Anubhav portfolio


Although I am not completely new to this site, but I have not been actively posting and still in learning phase of Stocks and Investments.

I have the below portfolio as of now, with 19 stocks.

Name Allocation Avg Buy Price Current Buy Price
Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. 30% 283.08 449.25
Amara Raja Batteries Ltd. 12% 197.42 282.6
Bajaj Corp Ltd. 9% 180.16 231.9
La Opala RG Ltd. 7% 261.22 331.4
Sequent Scientific Ltd. 5% 162.21 132.95
TV18 Broadcast Ltd. 5% 29.06 27.95
Wim Plast Ltd. 4% 292.17 320
Eros International Media Ltd. 4% 174.94 173.65
Nesco Ltd. 4% 626.38 771.05
Bambino Agro Industries Ltd. 4% 61.74 64.95
Can Fin Homes Ltd. 3% 144.44 142.7
KSB Pumps Ltd. 3% 222.98 204.1
Hawkins Cookers Ltd. 2% 2181.66 2152.95
Aditya Birla Chemicals (India) Ltd. 2% 96.57 81.3
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. 2% 483.74 406.8
PC Jeweller Ltd. 2% 135 123.35
Basant Agro Tech (India) Ltd. 1% 5.27 3.49
CRISIL Ltd. 1% 905.96 910.3
Godawari Power & Ispat Ltd. 1% 124.66 86

I would like to request advice on

  1. Stocks that I should increase/decrease/add/remove from my portfolio. I intend to concentrate my portfolio and reduce exposure to around 12-15 stocks instead of 19 stocks.
  2. Do you feel I am owning some stocks which are not good in long run, or looks speculative in nature.

Seems like you follow value pick guy stock reco. Nice portfolio (Especially 30% Cera with average buying price ~50-60% below CMP)

Thanks Subhash. Do you have any suggestions on removing any particular stock or do you believe that each stock is good for the long term. Any stock on which I should increase my allocation?

Hi Anubhav,

I am not a stock picking expert, I have just some 18 month experience in stock market. I have Cera, ARBL, La Opala, Wimplast, CanFin Homes in my poprtfolio, and is adding them in a slow and steady manner.

I have almost 0 knowledge about the rest your stocks, and hence can’t comment on them. I know quite of few as valuepick blog guy reco stock as I was following him in the past. I couldn’t understand the rational behind his stock picks most of the times. Plus the sudden upmove of stock post his reco creates a confusing situation. So I stopped following him. Fundamental analysis based investing with conviction in stock story seems to me a safer and better way of investing.

You may like to add Ajanta/Astral to your portfolio after going through the valuepickr thread and understanding the investing rationals. There were many nice undervaluation plays in bunch of mid/small caps (RS software, Caplin Point, Bliss GVS, Somany Ceramics) last week, most of which have moved by 8-10% in yesterday and today. May be you will like to invest in them after doing proper study of them.