Annual VP Event: What does it take/Event Management Specialists

Hi Donald,

Hope you are doing good!

Regards your latest post and requirement of Logistics/Event handling for a widely participated VP Annual Event.
I had been on the board of PMI (Project Management Institute) North India Chapter for 4 years and as part of my volunteer duties, I was responsible to organize/manage small, medium and large project management events, workshops and conferences. The participants size ranges from 80 - 800 participants. I am based out of Delhi/NCR.
Hence I believe I can use my experience and skills, and would like to offer my commitment should you need it in future. You can count on me!



Wonderful, Amit!

Another testament to the VP network being pervasive :slight_smile:
We were thinking if we can find farmers, and scientists among the ~12000 strong community, no reason we cant find able Event Management specialists !!

Great to see you put your hand up.
Perhaps you can help outline what kind of other allied experience/skills is desirable /preferable in a Team that handles an annual event of this size (say 100+ participants). That may prompt others to come around and together help put up a smoothly co-ordinated event.

Branching this out to a separate thread, for this deserves a separate focus.


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@Donald I manage and attend large events as part of my work as well. Could help as well :slight_smile:
I think additionally we could look at non-conventional options for the event(s). Lets talk next week.


@Donald - I can pitch in with the Finances and Negotiations aspect

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