Annual reports Download links

Hi everyone,

Here is a sheet comprising all of the latest/upcoming Annual reports till date.

It is on Google Drive, so if one saves the link, it could be accessible later when the sheet is updated. The link will not be changed.

Though the sheet is updated as and when new annual reports come, but sometimes, it may get delayed as well.

If you need, you may send a mail and you will get a notification as and when the sheet is updated (Mainly at the end of the day, except Saturday and Sunday)

Features -

  1. The Latest Annual reports are at the top.
  2. The Sheet has a Column for Sector and Market Cap, and so filter could be added as per requirements.
  3. The Links for the annual reports will not be removed and will keep getting added.

Have attached a preview -

Happy Reading!



Thanks for doing this. Just to add here, I’ve Capitaline’s AR subscription, so if you need a report that’s not available elsewhere, ping me! :slight_smile:


Great initiative. Please add:

Satin Creditcare Network (

RBL Bank ( - soon to be a listed company

BSE Ltd ( - soon to be a listed company

Jyothy Laboratories (

Oriental Carbon & Chemicals (

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Please add

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Hello Ashishji …Please send your email address so when I need any report I can ask you. Thanks


Naman Jain


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Researchbytes is a great source for annual reports, investor call transcripts and research reports.

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Please PM me on VP, I’ll upload it this thread or the relevant company thread! :slight_smile:

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Thanks I have added.

Thanks a lot for preparing this and sharing with everyone.

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This is absolutely awesome work. Thanks for sharing this.
You can add Tata Technologies -
Their IPO should be out soon…

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Added Promoter’s transactions:


Great job Saket! Liked the summaries …saves lots of time! Thanks.

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Can you please help for Annual Report 2017. Kindly update link

Sheet Link For Annual Reports 2017:
Thanks and Happy Reading!


Great job man … and thanks a lot.

Would you be able to SME companies annual report link

Great Job @margin_of_safety

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amazing job. have you done any job for promoter holding increase/decrease?
thanks once again.

Dear Saket,

Do you please to resume conference call summary postings and annual report links for the ones that interest to you? These were immensely useful and like to thank you for the work so far and like to them again!

Hi Aashish, Could you post AR of SME script.(Worth,AISL,SillyMonks,FocusSuits).
Thanks In advance.