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Annual & Quarterly Financial statements in Excel format

Hello All,
As a new investor I am trying to compute & understand the financial ratio’s ROE/ROA/ROCE/Free Cash flow etc. Is there any website where I can get the 3 financial statements i,e Balance sheet, P&L statement & cashflow Statement as published by the firm in an excel format so that I could do my calculations on my own.
I have already looked at & other sites, I see that the analysis is already done & the results are shown, I am looking for raw data in ‘As-Is’ form so that I could create my own set of formula to track. Pls advise of any such links. use export to excel function also you can try

Try rate it has very accurate data…

I think Manish is referring to

Try IXBRANALYST, they provide stock historical data from 2009 in excel. It works on any devices. You’ll also have 15 days free trial.
Here’s the link