anks_v10 Portfolio

Hi All,

I just came across this wondeful site where excellent discussions are going on different stocks with in-depth analysis. I want to create a portfolio which will give a consistent 15-20 % return over next 5 years.

I started from July 2013 and as of now I have allocated 50% of my capital and formed an initial portfolio as below:-

Stock %age of Capital allocated

Yes Bank 30%

L & T15%

Axis Bank11%


IRB Infra 7%

Hyderabad Industries Limited6%


Finolex Cables5%


Anant Raj4%

Noida Toll4%

HSIL Ltd4%

Can senior members and experts please review and suggest what modifications I should make in existing Portfolio.

Also, I was going through Valuepicker portfolio for additions to my portfolio but all of them seem to have run up from recommended price. SO for those stocks, would you suggest waiting or start adding them slowly in portfolio.



You have decent set of stocks. I would be a bit skeptical about some infra, manufacturing and PSU names due to their low returns.

You have good financials, you can look to allocate more to emerging themes like Ajanta, La Opala, PI, Acrysil, Accelya, MPS, Polymed, Shilpa which has been discussed on site after looking at their valuations.

You have too much exposure to banking, PSU and infra, not necessarily bad but generally the kind of stocks I would remain away from. Agree with Utkarsh, you should look at ValuePickr’s model portfolio. Although these stocks have had quite a run I would advice you to not anchor yourself at the recommended price.

Thanks Utkarsh and Anant for your feedback. I agree exposure to banking is bit more than my liking. I would try to trim down at opportune times.

PSU: I have NMDC and NTPC. Picked up NMDC as it was available at attractive valuations( purchased around 104 during july-aug Fed taper panic) and with high dividend I didnt found any down side risks.

NTPC: picked up purely to provide stability in volatile times, though I agree returns could not be as expected.

Infra: I placed contrarian bets on infra as I found them undervalued compared to FMCG, Pharma and IT. I tried to pick a leader L & T and for IRB Infra went through a research report by some brokerages.

I am worried about Hyderabad Industries whether it has been a right pick? I read about it on another blog where it was touted as a turnaround story so tried to play it as a wild card.

Noida Toll is a dividend play again and with debt retiring next year should start giving higher dividends.

I want to have more IT/FMCG in portfolio but as of now find most of them already fairly valued. Which one would you suggest from these 2 sectors.