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Sharing my portfolio, and inviting feedback from valuepickr seniors.

Stock weight % overall gain %
Mayur Uniquoter 24.8 17.8
TTK Prestige 11.4 -2.5
Alembic Pharma 8.4 4.1
Supreme Ind 7.3 2.7
Page Industries 7.1 11.0
Unichem Labs 6.8 20.6
V-Guard Ind 5.8 10.3
Dishman Pharma 5.5 8.1
GRUH Finance 4.0 7.1
Relaxo Footwear 3.5 0.4
Indag Rubber 3.0 -0.3
Wockhardt 2.8 10.1
Jubilant Food 2.6 0.0
Relaxo Footwear 1.9 -7.1
eClerx Services 1.3 14.4
HDFC Bank 1.0 0.7
Hawkins Cooker 0.9 1.3
Repro India 0.6 -0.9
PI Industries 0.6 5.2
Thangamayil 0.6 2.2
TOTAL 100 8.0

Currently i am in to porfolio building process, so please guide me if I need to change my current stocks and add any other good stocks in my portfolio. Also I would like to share that I am a big fan of hitesh bhai & would be delighted if hitesh bhai will guide me. thanks in advance

Your stock selection is good. You can reduce the no. of stocks to less than twelve by converting less conviction stocks into high conviction stocks. I can see Hitesh’s reflection in the most of stocks you hold.

Hitesh , Pls reveal your top business stories, you wish to bet at this juncture.

It will help new investor’s like me to study & add in our portfolio as per our conviction level. :slight_smile:

Thanks in adv.

Hi Anand,

What is the story behind the super run of V-Guard Industries. This is one hasn’t been discuss so much in TED/valuepickr. Is the stock still undervalued even after such an wonderful run.


What is TED?


Hi Nadkarni,

TED stands for theequitydesk which is present at . It was started by one legendary investor named Basant Maheswari. Countless folks have been benefited by the collaborative stock picking strategy that was done there.

Off late folks have moved from TED to valuepickr due to unwarranted post editing, and arbitrary restrictions on discussion on stocks below certain market cap.

hi subhash

There is a detail analysis posted by hitesh on ted.Today exited from v guard. Its like early stage on Havel India.but need to correct.

Today increased stake in mayur is it good or bad? I think synthetic leather industry will grow at least for 5 years due to huge demand.

hi anand,

having looked at the stocks in your portfolio, most of stock selection is great. as manish mentioned earlier it mirrors my choices as well.

What you need to do in my view is look at percentage allocation in the portfolio. this is where the science part of portfolio building comes.

Just a question to highlight the point I am making. If repro which is less than 1% were to go up 2 to 3 times from here, how much difference would it make to your overall portfolio returns? (this question would be meaningless if it would go up 50-100 times but these kind of returns are a dream and happen and not usually planned)

So the essence should be to reduce the number of stocks to 15 or ideally 10-12 or less.

Bet more where you are more convinced and reduce or eliminate stocks where you are not too comfortable. Always be on the lookout for valuations – a great business bought at stretched valuations will give u a lot of waiting and opportunity costs.

Reduced no. of stocks upto 11 also taken possition in kaveri seeds.

thanks a lot hitesh bhai for ur manish for valuable comments,


same here bought 3 properties in pune with in 4years

86%in real estate which has given more than double returns

12%in gold given returns almost 100% and 2%in stocks but will increase allocation upto 10%


please post ur portfolio if possible it will be helpfull


Taken position in eclex , relaxo as they are available at atractive rates thinking to go out of hawkins taken possition in techno bilt amararaja kaveri and astral.

Had a word with 4 to 5 hardware dealers from pune where lot of dealers deales in asirvad and prince and supreme pvc and cpvc at least astral consist of 15 to 20 % of sale but astral has more brand value which is used in bigger sites like marvel and kumar here but outsite pune smaller local companies are strong. disc-astral is now 20% OF MY PORTFOLIO.

Want to share my current portfolio just reduced allocation in kaveri seed.All credit goes to hitesh bhai,rudra bhai and hemant bhai. Still top 5 stocks contributes 63% .very much convinced about thangamayil and atul auto after the last advice from hitesh bhai. will gradually increase allocation in these two.

Stock %Allocation
Hawkins Cooker 16.13
Mayur Uniquoter 12.80
Unichem Labs 11.46
Ajanta Pharma 11.38
Astral Poly Tec 11.25
Thangamayil 7.85
Kaveri Seed Co 7.70
Atul Auto 6.99
Dishman Pharma 4.09
Goodricke Group 3.93
Amara Raja Batt 3.23
Wim Plast 3.19
TOTAL 100.00

converted all stocks into hawkin with some profit now 100% in hawkins. cant resist myself buying more

hence will buy more and more befor 3q result.plan for next 6month to make my holding double in hawkins.

Is it that good???

What makes you so confident to put 100% money into Hawkins? Are you confident that the Q3 result will not have any negative surprises?

well now there is no more supply issues with this i also asked some of the

dealers. I expect a lot from hawkins. I kept all my eggs in one basket may be i am wrong

but out of my net worth there is only 5% in stock market. 11%GOLD 85% in realestate

future plan to invest only in equity. as my percentage in equity is increasing some other facts apart from profit

are catching my mind like compounding ideas, future dividend yield, management integrity, strong product demand, indian consumption story.

I will add some others stocks in future according to valuations.


Would be really interested to know the scuttlebutt method you used for hawkins to ensure that the supply has been restored. Were you able to speak with the dealers in different cities? How did u track the retail stores? Were you in touch with any of the factory employees of hawkins? Any idea which part of the country is having the greatest sales and has sales improved in the southern region where TTK has got good hold?

It takes immense courage to invest 100% in one stock and that is the reason i am asking all these queries.