Anchor rate of corporate earnings growth

We are exctly halfway through the earnings season and 250 companies have reported so far out of bse500. Earnings growth is at impressive 21% well supported by revenue growth at 14%.

Source: Capitaline.

These are as reported numbers excluding extra-ordinary items. No company is excluded.


Thanks Yogesh. Is historic numbers also for the 250 companies that declared results? Can you add labels to other bars also for quick read and analysis

On an annual basis also, 2017 growth is highest in 5 years. However at 13% growth is still low and 5 year average growth is abysmally low at 5%.

Source: Capitaline

@VK1 all numbers include all available results for that period. So past results are for all 500 companies and current results are for companies that have reported results so far.

Thanks for the yeoman work Yogesh. I also concur with your observation that growth is not at all in line with valuations.

I want to confirm that you are using consolidated results.

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So far this earnings season, 371 companies have reported results and they are not good. Earnings recovery turned out to be short lived. We are back to a low single digit earnings growth.
Remaining companies are likely to report bad numbers going by the past experience. When companies have bad numbers to report, they somehow manage to delay delivering that news. Same happened with last quarter. Halfway through the earnings season, numbers looked good only to see that growth numbers drop substantially as the earnings season wound down.

Profit Growth of 371 Out of BSE 500 companies that have reported results as of Aug 10 2017.

Source Capitaline


Can you please update the latest chart on EPS growth of smallcap and midcap( for 2017 and 2018)? NSE website is showing preposterous PEs and hence absurd EPS . Consolidated and standalone should not be very much different for smallcaps. Even if the difference is 10%, the chart must not be so absurd. Can u please explain why it is so?

The chart certainly looks absurd, though it may be correct, but it is very tedious to get the EPS for these indices as the weights are not known.

Apparently 46% of the constituents of some of these indices were changed in a very brief period and that may explain this wild fluctuation.

Yes, that should be the case.