Analyzing corporate Governance-Must Read Article

sorry at the last page you would see some yellow lines… I had actually highlighted the same but when uploaded at scribd only yellow lines were visible…

Actually the lines say to watch contingent liabilities and two companies marked yellow in the table are Hawkins and Pratibha Industries…

A must read article gives 15 good points to analyze the alarm bells…

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Can you share the same using dropbox or google drive please!

I think dropbox is a better tool to use or share docs … one can download easily as compared to scibd or others

Thanks for interesting inputs.

Interesting article. Mutual funds have exited from multi baggers like Titan, Apar Industries, Gujarat Alkalies, etc in 2013. Makes interesting reading after 4 years.

I read that they have made tons of money for investors by just holding on to Infosys and the like. Wonder how they missed the Titan boat? Can anyone highlight the funds / managers who have exited Titan during this period? And compare it with their last 3 years track record.