An Ode/Poem for Value Investors :-)

once upon a time in a time far far away
i picked up a book that blew me away

the words in it grabbed and gave me a smack
the name of the book was Poor Charlies Almanack

i was humbled by how little i knew
i started afresh and i started anew

well better late than never i thought
what was this knowledge that i sought

i stopped calculating support and resistance
and started learning about business substance

armed with this, i went on a path traveled by a few
and started hunting this elusive creature called value!

and i chanced upon this professor who wrote a blog
my brain did a 360 and i read all with great agog

i would get there i thought, kaal nahi to aaj
yaar this Prof is doing some solid arbitrage

there was this post that had everything value wanted to anoint
it was all masterfully written and titled “The Vantage Point”

This value investing stuff is sure difficult to master
but as time passes by i was sure it would compound faster!

Well, time has passed by and i am far from being there
i am still figuring out how to calculate the value fair

Sum of Parts or discounted cash flow?
the more i know, the more i dont know

scouring through annual reports and that obscure footnote
swimming around in information asking - kidhar hain moat?

This company has a lot of debt, i tch tch with pity
as i try to find companies with great returns on equity

can you really separate maintenance capex and growth capex?
arrgh!these questions with no answers designed to perplex!

once in a while you may find a company and say boss this is it!
then wait forever for Mr Market to acknowledge this blockbuster hit

but there is one rule that is immortalized since the markets birth
stock prices may do a random walk but will track their true worth

this one is for our community as we hunt for companies interesting
i hope each one of you makes a lot of money doing value investing!


Very Nice. Enjoyed it. Guess some Artistry was missing in this forum.

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Zabardast likha re tu… awesome !!

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