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Morepan does not seem cheap

Fmgc stocks are overvalued

Last three year price CAGR is in tandem with profit growth CAGR. And, earning growth is really very good. TTM earning growth is better than last three year earning growth. Last three year earning growth is better than last five year earning growth. And, five year earning growth is better than last 10 year earning growth. The stock has not really re-rated in the last three years. I m waiting for an opportune time to enter.

At the same time, there is no surity that earning growth momentum will continue.

Disc: not invested yet. But intending to.

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If you check the pe of Nestle over the decade, along with stock price the pe has compounded too.

Books read…coffee can investing
2.The little book that makes you rich.

Just read your post.
Since you also hold Alembic pharma and HCL tech I have one question.
Both the stocks are fundamentally good but last 2 quarters are not satisfactory, what is your opinion.

I too have the Same question…hope u can answer.Same goes for the poor sales figure of polycab.Confused about overvaluation of vinati organics

The general thumb rule is that one must hold for 2 years to see if the fundamentals have declined


A lackluster quarter with poor results

Current stocks in my portfolio

1.Polycab-Leader in sector
2.Kei industries-Runner Up
3.Alembic pharma-Running at loss
4.Deepak nitrite
5.Vinati organics- Sold off at 1856.
6.Ganesh Benzoplast-future multibagger
8.Alkyl amine- growth stock
9.Ngl fine chem - growth stock
10.Chamanlal sethia
11.Jk paper
12.Hindustan foods- fmgc defensive growth
13.Saksoft-value stock
14.Infobeans tech- value stock
15 Titan biotech-Value stock
16.Lincoln pharma- value stock
17.Sonata software- currently overvalued
19.hcl tech
20.berger paints