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Amrita's portfolio

When I bought sonata fundamentals we’re strong and the pe was low.Now it’s earnings have been poor.The stock price surged without increase in earnings.Its increasing expenses is s concern

Sales growth of vinati organics has been a concern.Will have to see how it fared.As of now the stock is too overvalued and does not justify it’s price,so no fresh investment is being made.Alkyl amine and Deepak nitrite are better choices

Sales figure of Lincoln pharma has been a concern.It has good OPM.If sales figure does not improve will exit

Some growth stocks… Britannia,Nestle,alkyl amine,divis lab,heater bioscience,gland pharma

Congratulations on your portfolio returns. Which of them are you planning to hold for long term?

All of them actually.However I don’t plan to add more to these stocks without observing how sales figure pitches out in case of vinati, Lincoln and sonata.Please review my portfolio

Congratulations on your portfolio! IMO financial stocks should be added as they are the lifeline of an economy. Also, you could look at certain sectors such as auto/logistics/infra etc as they will rebound with economic revival.

From my personal experience, evaluation of stocks should go beyond comparison of returns with benchmarks. As retail investors, it would be better to understand the underlying factors that will drive the particular growth story over the next 3-5 years. That itself would take care of the portfolio compounding.

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Barring some laggards like Alembic pharma, most of the stocks in your portfolio are good picks. I think it might be time to add one or two good financials to portfolio because I see no financials in your portfolio.



I would switch out of JK Paper and reallocate to Polycab or Deepak Nitrite.

Other than that, the updated stock portfolio looks good. Do mention the allocation percentage to each stock so that we can understand the portfolio concentration

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I feel alembic pharma has good fundamentals.Dont know why the price has not moved

I don’t hold more than 10% in any stocks.I might replace jk paper with satia industries or N K Agarwal

I will add Rites and Balmer Laurie at suitable levels.They are in my watchlist.Rites is a value stock as per my analysis but Balmer Laurie is growth stock.Planning to add it at market correction

I follow The Little book that makes you rich which deals with mathematics aspect of stocks.

Auto is cyclic and as of now don’t have much idea of the sector

What is your opinion on adding chemcon at such levels.It is trading below 52 wks low.

Hello…do you think I should sell vinati organics and sonata software.Given its severe overvaluation and poor earnings.Or should I continue to hold them as earnings may improve inspite of lackluster performance of the last one year.

Added alkyl amines, Hindustan foods,chemcon-coffee can stocks.However not feeling comfortable with valuation.
Added saksoft, infobeans tech,Titan biotech as undervalued growth stock.
Increased stake in Berger paints,HCL tech and Deepak nitrite

“Added saksoft, infobeans tech,Titan biotech as undervalued growth stock………”

SIS, Morepen Labs and Shakti pumps have also been growing fast and seem to have reasonable valuations.

Disclosure.:- Invested in Infobeans, Titan Biotech, SIS and Shakti. considering Morepen.

Shakti pumps seems to be cyclic.In case of sis OPM is not too good.So,it would be in my watchlist

Shakti pumps has really taken off from 2nd qtr of 20-21. It stands to hugely benefit from PM KUSUM yojna. If the KUSUM yojna is nearly as well implemented as planned, Shakti pumps will grow exponentially.
As for SIS Ltd. the OPM is low but please check the Dupont of ROE.
Pl keep both under your watch as you said

Disc:- Invested in both and biased.

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