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Hello, I joined recently and this is my first post only. I am in market since 2006. However, from 2006-2009, I was only trading and few picks for short/medium term. Gained + Loss = Overall loss Result. :( Then i start investing seriously in 2010 to build my long term wealth.
Here is my portfolio, and inviting feedback from valuepickr members.
Scrip First entry time Allocation
Godrej Industries Early 2010 14.5%
Century Textiles Early 2010 11.3%
Yes Bank Early 2011 13.5%
IndusInd Bank Early 2011 12.2%
Wockhardt Early 2011 8.1%
United Spirits Early 2012 17.2%
Bajaj Finserv Recently 8.6%
Tata Global Recently 7.6%
Sintex Recently 7%
9 Stocks Started in early 2010 100%
In 2010, I had some 20-22 stocks but i exited many in profit/loss to concentrate on 8-10 stocks. I don't invest in any small cap anymore. Generally, I look Market leader, Excellent management, Brand, PE-RE-Rating candidate, Moat, Value-unlocking, consistent growth, etc.
Wockhardt was my best bet. It gave me 500%+ return in 2 years. Exited 75% and bought Tata Global. United Spirits was my 2nd best pick. Holding 75% and booked 25% recently. Also exited Voltas, Jain Irrigation, Bhel in loss to Buy Bajaj Finserv and Sintex.
Investment thesis.
Bajaj Finserv - Excellent growth in NBFC and Insurance. A candidate for bankinglicencee. Under-valued on pe and peers.
Godrej Industries - Excellent Growth in allbusiness(real-estate, Agri, Food andbeverages, FMCG, Chemical). Best management and hoping for value-unlock in Agribusiness.
United Spirits - I am expecting 100 EPS and 50 PE in few years due toDiego.
Tata Global - India's No 1 in teabusinessand stake in Tata coffee. World's No. 1 in tea segment. Starbuck deal can be game changer. A candidate for PE re-rating.
Century Textiles - Land bank play +Expansioncement capacity in couple of years. Let's see Value pick or Value trap.
Sintex - Balance sheetrepair like Wockhardt. High Risk-High return kinda stock.
Yes Bank and IndusInd Bank - Excellent growth and Great management. One is better in retail and another in corporate segment. Hence, I bought both.

:)( Allocation | Godrej Industries | Early 2010
Early 2010 | Early 2011 | Early 2011 | 12.2% | Wockhardt | Early 2011
Early 2012 | Recently | Recently | 7.6% | Sintex | Recently

Excellent company. It is one of my top holding other than Tata Global. With or without banking license excellent company with very good growth, great management.

allbusiness(real-estate, Agri, Food andbeverages, Agribusiness. toDiego. teabusinessand

Don’t forget abt their water business which is going to be very big going forward.

+Expansioncement sheetrepair