Amit's portfolio needs review

Hi ,
I joined recently and also am relatively new to stock market. I am having trouble sticking to my picks, maybe because I tend to enter at the wrong entry points. I am heavily invested in mutual funds and getting decent returns. Can you please review my current portfolio which I am planning to hold for at least 2-3 years

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I messed up the allocation details. Here is the correct view:

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Good choices… Tracking such a number set of stocks is not an easy task.

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[Personal Advice] Not correctly allocated. Having those many number of stocks is only going to deteriorate your PF returns. Try sticking to at max 10 stocks with allocation between 7-15 to all.

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Thanks. As of now, I am trying to get rid of the following:

  1. JindalSaw: Ban on Iran
    2.JHS: Poor Results.
    Will wait for results for some of them to decide on whether to hold for long term or not.
    Any stock specific advice for trimming the list ?


I looked at your portfolio and one thing I found missing is the presence of a dominant company where you could be confident of being invested for next few years without being too much bothered about too many variables affecting the business. i.e Steady predictable business.

Parag Milk, Orient Bell and maybe even Banco may come close to good businesses but in Parag and Orient bell, the dominant companies in the sectors are Hatsun and Kajaria.

I would love to see a good quality financial company in the portfolio with decent allocation.



Thanks Hitesh. I agree and think on the same lines. however valuations restrict me to own any. Will wait for some correction if any, to switch to better dominant players.