Amith's Portfolio

I am posting for the first time in Valuepickr forum. Need the members feedback on my portfolio.
SYMBOL avg. Buy Price Remarks
INFY 727 Holding for more than a year
ITC 185 Started buying recently
SJVN 24 Holding for close to 2 years
MGL 846 Started buying recently
TRITURBINE 70 Started buying recently
SONATSOFTW 320 Started buying recently
NMDC 85 Started buying recently
RITES 248 Started buying recently
CASTROLIND 112 Started buying recently

I have sold MOLDTECH, EXCELINDUS, CAPLIPOINT, BEL, VENKEYS, RAJESHEXPO, RELIANCE in the last month or two with very good returns holding for relatively short period of time and booked loss in NIACL after holding for 6 months recently. I am holding on to SJVN at loss but the dividends have made up for that. Most of my recent buys have are not in green due to recent market downturn.

Open for your feedback on what should I hold on to and what should I sell.


Could you please mention your percent allocation and a short thesis around your purchase around these?

Good looks mostly like a Dividend Portfolio :slight_smile: with Infy, ITC, SONATA, SJVN, RITES who are mostly known for their dividends but i think if you can give your rationale behind it would be easy to share some opinion :thinking: