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Good day, esteemed members.
I’m pleased to join this forum and share my portfolio, akin to several others. My purpose is twofold: to seek constructive feedback for improvement and to contribute meaningfully to the esteemed valuepickr community.

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If you can add 1 line describing why, it would be good e.g. Why Rajesh exports? or Why Power GRID Invit and not Indiagrid?

Rajesh exports has some corporate governance issues. Check the forum page for details.

What is your take on Delta corp in view of recent developments?

I hold the belief that the company will attain relief from the GST notices, rendering them null and void in the future. This conviction stems from the global practice where taxes are typically not imposed based on the face value but on Gross Revenue. The current tax demands arose due to authorities seeking taxation based on the face value, a practice not commonly observed internationally.

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Based on my analysis, the adverse phase for this stock seems to have concluded. It currently presents itself as a turnaround prospect rather than a traditional value-based investment. Notably, it trades below its book value of 520, coupled with a Debt-to-Equity Ratio standing at approximately 4% (comprising 600 Cr. in Debt against 15000 Cr. in Reserves & Surplus)

He is talking about Rajesh Export.

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Portfolio Update:-
Added Canara Bank - 5% of Allocation.
CANARA Bank currently trades at approximately 1.04 times its Book Value, notably below the mean P/B ratio of around 1.4. Additionally, it maintains a Price to Earnings ratio of 6. The bank offers a dividend yield of 2%. Corporate loans represent 43% of its total loan portfolio, with agriculture accounting for 23%, followed by retail at 17% and MSM. Within retail, housing loans constitute 55%, trailed by personal loans at 22%, vehicle loans at 12%, and education loans at 11%. Noteworthy improvements include a declining trend in NPAs and an upward trajectory in profitability, attributed to an increase in Other Income.

Added Polycab to Portfolio 5%

I would like to provide you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of my portfolio as of today. The following details the allocation of my portfolio holdings:

Don’t forget the PE multiple for Tax & Penalty which has to be more than current multiple.

Added HDFC Bank to Portfolio 10% Allocation -
HDFC Bank reported healthy profit growth, improved asset quality, and robust loan growth.While margins remained flat in Q3, management expects gradual improvement in the coming years due to interest rates and operational efficiencies. Look Attractive Buy at 1500 Levels.

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@Amit_Jain3 I see you have Brookfield REIT, Any rationale behind choosing Brookfield over Embassy or Mindspace?

To me, the Embassy is best placed due to the prime market being BLR.

Brookfield is currently obtainable at a more favorable price-to-book value ratio in comparison to Embassy. All though I used to hold both of them but exited Embassy from 300 (in June 2023) Levels After it hit 325 (in Dec.2023).

I am holding both. But see better growth with Embassy

I do regret the exit of embassy , but it could have been vice versa.

Please research more about omaxe management.
Please check their project completion rates and their issues with local government.
Also check their issues with property holders of omaxe.

Dis: Not invested

It is more of a bet based on its Inventory Realisation.(Market Cap. 1700Cr & Inventory - 10500Cr.)
Market Capitalisation is less than Half of .5 Adjusted Working Capital.
I have allocation of less than 1% of Portfolio. If it Goes to Zero. It won’t lead to a big dent Overall.

They also have debt. Please take a look at management and balance sheet.

I would personally would not run business or partner with not so honest people(being polite here) as I will always have trust issues.

Few pointers to ponder

  1. Please check type of inventory they have
  2. Have they encroached the government land(think ansal api)?
  3. If you buy house on debt, technically, is it your house till you pay the debt?

All the best.

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80% of Current Liabilities is Advances from Customers.
& 80% of Inventory is of Projects in Progress.
Thanks for Providing a more points to consider.