Amey Desai's portfolio

Hi fellow boarders - my holdings are as below -
Cairn India
Hanung Toys
ILandFS Trans
MCX India
Maruti Suzuki
Mayur Uniquoter
Mold-Tek Pack
Page Industries
Parekh Aluminex
Punj Lloyd
Quadrant Tele
Reliance Comm
Reliance Power
Shree Renuka
Sterlite Ind
Suzlon Energy
Tata Global Bev
Tata Motors
Tata Steel
Welspun Syntex

Hi Amey,

Seems like your portfolio is loaded with stocks from old period (like Reliance*, sterilite, NHPC, Larsen). Can you please let us know the reasoning behind having the stocks in your portfolio.

one should be careful of ADAG companies - Rel comm and R Power. (unless you are speculating and expecting some triggers) There were article in some magazine regd aggressive accounting policies of R comm and the huge debt it had.

Hi Subhash, I have been a follower of my father in my initial years of investing - he has picked up Larsen/RIL/Sterlite/Tata Steel/Voltas at throw away prices atleast 10 years ago and is in no mind of selling them off. I have started reading TED/Valuepickr only 2-3 years ago and that is when i ventured into PAGE, Mayur, IL&FS and Tata Global … it is taking too much of courage to book losses and the optimist in me keeps waiting for a day when i can book profits & exit ADAG group/Sterlite/Tata Steel/Renuka/RIL/Suzlon etc.

Added Unichem Labs @ 193.5 today

can somebody throw light on why Parekh Aluminex has fallen 20% in one day?

Hitesh bhai - is it possible to shed some light ?

no idea on the reason for the fall amey.

but I didnt like the way promoter was behaving esp in terms of getting huge compensation package plus lack of proper addressing of debt.

otherwise as a business it is a perfectly fantastic business but didnt like the antics of amitabh parekh. it seems his dad was a good guy who built up the business which the son seems hell bent on destroying.

Today at 18.22 pm ,Parekh Aluminex Ltd has informed BSE that Mr. Amitabh Parekh, the founder Chairman of the Company **expired on January 06, 2013.So **after 4 days they feel that they have to inform exchanges about same.

thanks hiteshbhai & hemantbhai,

promoters antics is a matter of concern, 2-3 years ago - it was trader’s darling…i also remember the fact that they along with hanung toys have been under SEBI scanner for a possible operator-promoter nexus…iam not aware about the conclusion on that issue from SEBI… having said that they are in an industry that should bloom in times to come…the EPS has grown at CAGR of 34% during 2008-2012, at CMP Rs. 182/- it is available at PE of 2.23 and Sales/MCap ratio of 0.17 and P/B ratio of 0.53 it has paid dividends regularly since 2007… would it be ok to enter considering it an undervaluation play?

I think one needs to dig deeper into who will indeed take over the company post demise of mr amitabh parekh. the deceased was the son of mr arun parekh who built up the company.

stock seems to be hitting lower circuits and today at 182.

looking at shareholding pattern of parekh aluminex, 22% of total capital (promoters hold around 37%) is pledged and this probably is the reason for selling.

Hello friends,

I wonder - has renewable energy theme started to play ?

Example no. 1 -SUZLON -the stock has risen from Rs.15 to Rs. 26in a matter of 6 months.

Example no. 2 -NHPC - it is quoting at 52 week high

Example no. 3 -Hyderabad industries is making good profits in Wind Energy business

We need experts to talk on this subject- Donald, Ayush, Vivek, Hitesh - is this going to be a theme going forward or this isa temporary bubble ?

good observation amey.

we may be in the initial phases of a bull market in these stocks.

there is total lack of investor fancy for stock like techno electric etc inspite of strong visibility of earnings and properly laid out growth plans.

I think among all these stocks techno remains the best bet mainly due to visionary management.

hitesh bhai,

thanks a lot for pointing towards a more appropriate stock than the ill managed ones listed by me.

But the growth in these stocks have givena little ray of hope to people like me who have their money stuck for sometime now.

parekh aluminex is now covering all the lost ground

exited TCS completely at 1450 levels,added PAGE Ind at 3284and added Unichem Labs at 174

wondering whether current levels are OK to add ( I can only buy 1 of the 4 below)

1] Hyderabad Ind - CMP376

2] Tata Steel - CMP351

3] Mold Tek Packaging - CMP46

4] Tata Global - CMP133

my portfolio now looks like below

Security Name %
Larsen & Toubro Ltd. 21.6%
Reliance Industries Ltd. 14.2%
Infosys Ltd. 7.4%
Tata Steel Ltd. 6.3%
HDFC Bank Ltd. 5.7%
Page Industries Ltd. 5.4%
Unichem Laboratories Ltd. 4.0%
Bosch Ltd. 3.9%
Sesa Sterlite Ltd. 3.8%
Mayur Uniquoters Ltd. 3.6%
HIL Ltd. 2.9%
Reliance Communications Ltd. 2.9%
Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd. 2.9%
Cairn India Ltd. 2.8%
Mold-Tek Packaging Ltd. 2.4%
Tata Global Beverages Ltd. 1.7%
Shree Renuka Sugars Ltd. 1.4%
IL&FS Transportation Networks Ltd. 1.3%
NHPC Ltd. 1.2%
Suzlon Energy Ltd. 1.0%
Techno Electric & Engineering Company Ltd. 0.9%
Punj Lloyd Ltd. 0.6%
Parekh Aluminex Ltd. 0.5%
Reliance Power Ltd. 0.4%
Hanung Toys & Textiles Ltd. 0.4%
Welspun Syntex Ltd. 0.4%
Quadrant Televentures Ltd. 0.3%

MCX, IL&FS and Techno Electric had a higher portfolio allocation - but due to a landslide in these names their portfolio weightage also suffered :frowning:


I think its about time you got rid of the tailenders contributing less than 2-3% of portfolio and consolidate it into something solid maybe a gruh or hdfc bank or some suitable valuepickr pick.


what exactly is holding back techno electric?