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Amber Enterprises - AC Contract Manufacturer

Amber touring USA, expect some buying by overseas investors soon!

Disc: 7% of portfolio @ avg 1500.

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Con call transcript, held on 31 Jan.
Compressors are sourced from China, Korea and quite large part from India.
No sourcing from Wuhan/Hubei, but there maybe some impact due to delays in China in general.

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Would like to understand more around the cash flows of the company for the last 5 years, seem very abrupt which stands at (-)79 crs for FY 2019. Any views here?

How is Amber doing now with the Corona Virus and the lockdowns affecting most industries? are they getting their parts from China? thanks

Should be a big positive for Amber Ent.


Amber said it intends to raise funds for capital expenditure required for the long-term growth of its businesses; extend loans to and invest in its subsidiaries for their long-term and short-term business purposes, repay debt, and make strategic acquisitions or joint ventures.

Need to see how profitable the subsidiaries are.