Altman Z-Score, Piotroski F-Score and Modified C-Score

I got a tool which calculate these scores.

Q. What is Altman Z-Score?
A. Useful predictive value on the likelihood of a business going bankrupt.

Q. Piotroski F-Score
A. A composite score of financial health. We award one point if a stock passes each test and zero if it doesn’t. The maximum score is 9.

Q. Modified C-Score
A. Can creative accounting be detected through a company’s financial numbers?
Zero to 6. 0 means no and 6 means creative in every six aspect.

I have written answers in very short. You can read in detail at valueresearchonline.

My Question is:
How reliable these scores are on valueResearchOnline? I am mostly interested in Creative accounting.

Please tell how reliable this creative accounting score are and how do you check in easy way any bad practices in accounting. I have found this tool very helpful as finding the accounting mal-practice is tough for common investors.

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Yes, I would like to know about them too!