Alok Industries - Rs.12.10 CMP Worst seems behind, new sun should rise

Pls give views-
Salient features -
1- Company recently came out of NCLT resolution.
2-In NCLT resolution RIL acquired it.
3- Around Rs.30000 Crs financial liability has been settled in 5050 Crs (83% hair cut)
4- Old Promoters shareholding around 6.5% transfered to J M.
5- old share capital was 1377 Crs of 137.7 crs shares of Rs.10/- each has been restructured as FV reduced from Rs.10 to Rs.1 but no shares has been cancelled.
6- Ril has been issued 83.33 Crs shares of Rs.1 @Rs.3 per share (holding 37.7%)
7Further RIL has been issued Optionally convertible debentures of Rs.250 Crs.
8- Remaining 4500 crs has been funded through loan.
9- Alok Industries in good times FY 2015 earned Ebidta of Rs.5000 Crs.and Interest outgi was around 3500crs and dep Rs.500 Crs.
10- Now with lian reduced substantially interest outgo annually can be around 400-600 crs only.
11- in NCLT resolution all liabilities get settled so may not be more cleaning we see in future.
12- Due to book entry settling debt etc coming Result may show huge profit due to book entries reversals.

Pls share your views on future prospect of company.
In my view all negatives are over and we will be seeing lot if positives in future.