Akshay's Portfolio

1). Page Industries = 14% (Very well discussed here)

2). MT Educare = 12% (Predictable growth,New sector, Robomate success could result in huge scale)

3). Zydus Wellness = 9% (Sugarfree contribution is increasing and with India being the diabetes capital of the world, it seems like a good play)

4). Godrej Properties = 9% (With economy turning around, this seems to be a good bet on the India housing boom, management’s growth plans are very aggressive)

5). Transport Corporation of India = 10% (ecommerce, GST tailwinds, increasing margins, business mix improving all the time)

6). HDFC Bank = 17%

7). Crisil = 9%

8). Ashiana Housing = 9% (Successful expansion to new areas is the key)

9). TTK Prestige = 6% (WIth consumption picking up, this one hopefully gets back to old growth rates)

10). Fluidomat = 2.5% (Niche player, great numbers, need a better understanding to buy more)

11). Hindustan Media Ventures = 2.5% (Short term play, super cheap, hoping for a one time PE re-rating soon)

Most stocks have been bought around a couple of years ago. Besides Godrej Properties and Zydus Wellness, all have moved up significantly. Have recently sold off some stocks (Voltas, TVtoday, Engineers India) and have parked the money in HDFC bank stock until I find something else

Any feedback would be helpful.


Hi Akshay Jain,

Your portfolio and business theme looks great! It is a good idea to park the money in HDFC bank and utilize when there is a emerging investing requirements (excluding capital gain tax).

)- Godrej properties is a good business and will be growing in a good rate.

)- Fluidomat – A very niche player to be looked upon. Value unlocking will continue based on getting new orders (currently in work-in-progress). We may add in dips.