Akshay Jain's Portfolio

Here is my current portfolio

** Business Price **

1). Godrej Properties = 8% Rs. 528

2). Mayur Uniquoters = 12% Rs. 274

3). Ashiana Housing = 4% Rs. 166

4). Tv Today Network = 10% Rs. 59

5). Voltas = 11% Rs. 85

6). ICRA = 10% Rs. 999

7). VST Tillers = 10% Rs. 389

8). Sundaram Finance = 5% Rs. 426

9). Gruh Finance = 5% Rs. 187

10). Noida Toll = 4% Rs. 23

11). Engineers India = 3% Rs. 151

12). NMDC = 3% Rs. 108

Cash = 15%

Views Invited


I am looking to deploy the remaining cash in some idea which can do well with the depreciating rupee. Problem is that IT i don’t understand and pharma companies appear too expensive. Was looking at some auto ancillary type company (eg. Hi-tech gear) but am not convinced due to client concentration. Any help on finding an export oriented company will be especially helpful



Looks too much like a contra and value based portfolio.

Problem with buying these kind of stocks is that after prolonged underperformance, one tends to get frustrated looking at portfolio returns esp when compared to stocks in favor like kaveri, astral etc and end up selling precisely at the wrong time.

Thank you Hiteshji for your comments…Yes I missed out on some favorites here like Kaveri, Astral, Cera, Ajanta etc. I am now trying to resist the temptation of chasing stocks that have already doubled or tripled. If this re-rating had happened on a pure eps basis, it would have still made sense but I feel since most of them have also seen a PE re-rating, it shows that the market has discovered them and a new investor may not enjoy the same benefits going forward. As most investors know that this market is extremely polarized. So my logic is to buy some good companies and sit on them, since I feel the returns from here, taking a 3-5 year view, could be out-sized in these hated sector companies. But yes, I am definitely going to be alert now, to try and not miss out on the growth stocks which could give me consistent returns