Air purifiers company

hi, air purifiers seems to be a good opportunity, to get into…
with the huge surge in demand due to pollution…

any idea on listed companies who are into this domain, and are focussed on it ?

HONEYWELL AUTOMATION INDIA LTD launched air purifiers about 3 quarters back. Here are some advertisements for the same.

Symphony has some cooler products hvng air purifier n mosquito repeller functionality.

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Moonbow is a consumer appliances brand by HSIL. They are into air purifiers.

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Would be interested to know how much purifiers, percentage sales
contribute with respect to net sales from the plethora of products they

Most of the ac makers are now providing inbuilt air purifiers. Example Whirlpool

And also considering as most of the consumers in this country are price conscious and air purifiers theme can penetrate only in metros.

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