Ahasolar technology Ltd ,,,a newly listed sme

Incorporated in 2017, Ahasolar Technologies is engaged in the business of CleanTech enabling Energy Transition through Digital Transformation and henceforth empowering stakeholders to adopt renewable energy.

It has developed Software as a Service (SaaS) products for solar companies to streamline the processes, design PV, do project management, and monitor generation along with an integrated Marketplace to connect the demand & supply digitally. Apart from this, another SaaS product is for the governments to implement the distributed renewable program in their services area.

The business of the company can be divided into the following segments:

Solar Software Service
Solar Marketplace
Solar Advisory and Consultancy Service
Ahasolar Technologies has been working with multiple national, international, government, and private companies in enabling them to accelerate the adoption of solar through its solutions. The products of Ahasolar Technologies are offered under the names:

AHA! Rooftop Solar Helper
AHA! Rooftop Solar Helper (Pro)

Through its advisory services, the company has footprints across India and currently working with 38 cities to transform them into solar cities and enable the growth of solar namely in Gujarat, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Goa, Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttrakhand, Jharkhand, Delhi/NCR, Odisha, Karnataka, Kerala, J&K, etc.

Mr. Piyushkumar Vasantlal Bhatt, Mr. Pulkit Dhingra, Mr. Shatrughan Harinarayan Yadav and Mr. Vipin Sharma are the Promoters of the Company.

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Investor presentation by company

People do good comments about their services and also have good Google ratings

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