Advisor for mutual funds investment/general investment

I am fairly new to investing in mutual funds/stocks, etc. Though I have a decent stocks portfolio which is doing well, I am also trying to invest more in mutual funds/SIP.

Does it help if I engage a professional advisor for the same? If so, please suggest if you have any recommendations. I invested in some mutual funds a year ago, which have so far given me about 5-6 % returns.

I already have bank accounts with HDFC and Axis bank. Will it be helpful if I reach out to them itself for assistance in this matter?

Thanks in advance…

@aiyer100 , IMO, don’t waste your time and money being dependent on advisors. I would rather advise you to spend some time on daily basis in learning and ValuePicker forum is the right place for plenty of learning. I am sure you will be an expert in no time.

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Please don’t do it yourself
I would find a mentor if possible
Also read around dozen best books on technicals and fundamentals
Please start with technicals
Initially limit to industries you understand
If the mentor wishes to charge you 10-15% of profit it is still money well spent, you’ll save countless amount of losses
Find someone who has been in the market for atleast one cycle of bull and bear, read their comments on various threads, reach out to them asking to clarify one of the comments. This will tell you how open and receptive they are to openly sharing. Ask them their favourite book
It’s not easy but money making is not easy in any field but many have done it and you will too if you have persistence and will
Don’t trust any big advisories or bank advisories

Try searching Niveshaay on Google :slight_smile:


Welcome to investing, i would suggest you to open account with any of the platform available like Groww & start doing SIP

No need to take advice from any of the advisor as now a days information is readily available. Invest in direct funds & not regular. Funds depend on amount you want to invest along with risk appetite.

I would recommend you to have one fund with exposure to US market like Motilal Oswal Nasdaq 100 FoF & Parag Parikh flexi cap fund. One Small & mid cap fund

Buy manually on major dips to get benefit of more units


Hey, I can help you with that in my professional capacity. You can contact me on or call on (whatsapp) the number mentioned on the website

I am not on Valuepickr to promote my services but you must know, mutual fund investing is not about finding the best mutual fund, rather the right mutual fund that fits your overall portfolio. No one can find the fund that will perform the best in the coming year(s) but one can fairly assess which one fits your portfolio. I myself invest in them. And in last 9 years, it has worked out very well for me.

If you would like to learn about various mutual fund categories you can visit Credit Risk Fund – Rise From The Ashes - by Chirag jain