Advise on Ganesh portfolio

I am great follower of value pickr and read most of the portfolios and impressed with suggestions and recommendations.
Kindly advice for foBelow are the list of portfolio which I had been collecting from 2019 and most during march/ April 2020.
There are 2 strategies I follow :
1.Alpha low volatility consistent compounder stocks with beta of .8 following coffee can strategy.
2.Junjunwala type( growth long term )

Sector allocation are as follows:
IT 25%
Pharma 17.5%
Banking 30%
Fmcg 7.5%
Chemicals 20%

Portfolio allocation are as follows:
Large cap 75%
Small/mid cap 25%

Portfolio are as follows with weightage on each stocks with reasoning:
Infosys 5.8%. : Strong leader in segment
HCl tech 13.6% : Growing company with good order books and got at good valuation
Wipro 5.8%: Growth stock
Tata elxsi 1.3%: To have exposure on ERD
LTTS 2.8%
happiest minds 1.4%

Divis lab 12.9% : coffee can ( Saurabh )
Torrent pharma 7.2% ( Good financial track record )
Alembic pharma 5.4% (Good financials )

HDFC Bank 10.1( coffee can)
Kotak Mahindra Bank 9.5% ( coffee can)
Axis Bank 5.2% ( branch networks and service)
Federal bank 2.3% ( Junjunwala)
Cholamandalam 3.2% ( fundamental research)

Fmcg/ consumer durables
Dabur 1.2% ( nifty fmcg constituents)
Havells 1.9% ( consumer durable / electronics leader)

Pidilite 3.2% ( B2C exposure)
Berger paints 3.8% ( future leader)
Navin fluorine 4.6%
Alkyl amines 3.2% ( Saurabh recommend)
Deepak nitrate 3.2%
Fine organics 2.4% ( Saurabh recommend)
Total. 100%

On separate account for cyclical, momentum.

Tata motors 9.2%
Tata power 15.8%
Indian hotel 14.2%
EIH 13.3%
PNC infratech 11.9%
NCC 11.1%
Rallis 3.7%
Delta corp 11.9%

Total 100%

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Recently added CDSL and Tata steel

Most of the names are great in the main portfolio ! Just some points from my side.

  1. Out of all the stocks from Saurabh’s Portfolio Fine organics is the one i feel he got slightly wrong, a slow grower with a PE of 75, not worth it imo.
  2. I recently exited from federal bank and bought Equitas SFB which i believe will grow at a much faster rate.
  3. I wonder why you didnt include Nestle in FMCG sector, i like it more than any other FMCG company.
  4. I am personally overweight on healthcare rather than pharma.

Many thanks for suggestions.

-Will exit fine organics then.

-Suggestion on nestle noted and will add to portfolio

  • will switch from federal to Equitas SFB.

Any suggestions on holding percentage sector wise.

Planning one new sector naming Digital India (20%)
With equal weightage on following:

  1. CDSL
  2. CAMS
  3. IEX

Any advise or suggestions on this

Interesting, which part of healthcare or stocks are you interested in?

In healthcare I like thyrocare which I believe will do well in collaboration with PharmEasy’s digital platform, with time people becoming more health conscious, will go for more regular health checkups. Their expenditure on medicine and pharma might not increase but expenditure on health will definitely increase.
Also I like health insurance companies, though they are financials but they grow in correlation with healthcare sector. I can see more and more people buying health insurance and that trend i feel will continue. Current Valuations are concern here as well so I am adding my positions very slowly.

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All 5 are excellent imo, you can also add InfoEdge here. But valuations are concern in all of them even after a digital premium discounting . So i would recommend building position very slowly on heavy dips.

Message duly noted .
What’s ur view on HCl tech ?

Where can I see your investment portfolio

On long term after covid test labs business like thyrocare / LAL pathlabs would stabilise because less growth. Your view on this

Agree on diagnostics…and also on health insurance…but there is no listed entity currently…how are you entering this space?

In IT :Infosys HCL tech (Traditional IT )
LTTS/Tata elxsi (New IT specialty )are good . Wipro been laggard long time and really lost its mojo . if u really looking for growth u can increase Infosys HCL tech LTTS Tata elxsi by spinning Wipro off.
Abt happymind tech: I am still skeptical abt future of the business. Post ashok soota (who gonna run or lead is Question mark ) and allocation 1% not going to do any meaning full impact.

Add company got future growth area than traditional generic player (CRO/CRAMS space….example Suven /Syngene)who got good runway to run.
Divis is good but if we keep aside expensive PE. but 20times price to sales is too much to pay.
Alembic/Torrent : U can reduce and add growth pharma area (sequentic -Animal pharma ,Syngene or suven pharma).

Banking :
HDFC Kotak:if u hold best in class player then why laggard. Focus on top player and keep add more allocation to that than over diversify.
NBFC /Small finance side : AU small finance /Chola good play.

Nestle/Zydus wellness /Marico have good potential.

All look good but don’t blindly copy Saurabh . I too follow him but not always his principal work. His principal more of capital protection but to get growth in portfolio, we need to allocate more money to top bet.Deepak Nitrate/Navin Flourine/Pidilite got great growth runway ahead.

Cyclical stock : I will spin off and increase position.

Platform Business: IEX/CDSL look good.
Money can be made only when max allocation on PF stocks . Having too much stocks in same sector is difficult to track.

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Good portfolio.Great selection of stocks.However I am not too confident of Navin fluoride looking at it’s valuation.Also adding some value stocks will diversity your portfolio.Any reason why you did not add paint?I too have read Saurabh Mukherjee ’ s, however I am sceptical considering the fact that he has a complete disregard for valuation.

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Many thanks for suggestions and will reconsider and re evaluate.

I have got 3.8% on Berger paints

Thyrocare is more into preventive tests rather than disease test which is forte of Lal Path. Preventive health checkups in nature are recurring and I believe will grow at much faster pace than disease tests/checkups.

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Where do you follow Saurabh Mukherjee?

Just news and articles

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