Advice on Mutual Fund SIP Portfolio

Hi, I am 35 years old with following SIP portfolio with current total SIP of INR 24k. I plan to increase investment by 20% every year and have a target of 3 crores in next 15 years.
I need to know if below mix of funds in portfolio has the right balance and can help achieve the target and if there is a change required.

  1. 2500 (since Jun’19) - SBI Technology Opportunities Fund - Regular Plan - Gr
  2. 3000 (since Jun’19) - Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip Fund - Gr
  3. 5000 (since May’19) - Kotak Standard Multicap Fund - Gr
  4. 5500 (since Oct’18) - ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund - Gr
  5. 3000 (since Aug’15) - Franklin Build India Fund - Gr
  6. 3000 (since Aug’15) - Canara Robeco Emerging Equities Fund - Gr
  7. 2000 (since Aug’18) - Axis Equity Hybrid Fund - Gr

All suggestions are welcome Thanks a lot.


I have written a blog recently on the same topic.kindly refer below.hope you will find it useful.


All your sip investments are good enough to create a healthy corpus.
My observations are…

  1. Including Invesco contra fund in lieu of
    sbi tech fund .

  2. Kotak multicap has become a huge fund wrt AUM .
    Motilal multicap fund is also well managed. So you can keep an eye on the same.

These are just too many funds and may lead to over diversification. I estimate underlying individual stocks in these many funds will cross 200 easily. I would suggest a max of 3 good multicap funds across three different fund houses (1 each). Please explore ICICI Multicap, PPFAS Long term equity, Motilal 35, Franklin multicap, HDFC Multicap or Kotal Multicap (Any three from these).

Taking sectoral call or market cap size call is up to the fund manager, not on us.

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Sorry for unrelated question to the thread but related to the topic.

Could you please suggest other reliable platforms like CAMS (this doesn’t have few good fund houses ) which facilitate MF investing (Direct Plan) for multiple fund houses via single login ?
This helps to track investments in a single place.

Some of my observations:

  1. Too Many funds and I honestly feel its over diversification.
  2. Avoid sectoral funds.
  3. At max 2 or 3 decent funds are more than sufficient to meet your demands.
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If we able to take out all the top 50 stocks from each fund and compare with other funds of your selection then we can avoid mirroring the same fund which leads to more expense ration and fees etc. I think if u can distribute that 24K into 3-4 funds with correct diversification then it should be good enough as your time horizon is 15 years. And I feel with more than 10 years target we can go for small cap funds as well, that would be a good bet I feel.

From above list I own Kotak multicap from last 3 years and it’s top performing in my PF.

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Thanks for the reply and your suggestions… Maybe I will keep 2 Large Cap Blue Chip, 1-2 Multicap & 2 Mid-Small caps (Franklin India & Canara Robeco as they are in portfolio for 4+ years). But will revisit and revise in a few months or whenever have a positive return from the ones I plan to exit. Hope that should suffice the realignment approach… Can you tell me more on Sectoral funds and do I have more exposure to them than required ? Can you specify those funds for me please ?

MF Utility is very good. I am using it for the past 3 years, no complaints.

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My view

  1. too many funds
  2. Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip you can increase corpus.
  3. Look at SBI Small Cap Fund (excellent performance vs other small cap funds), restricted investment to 25k per PAN like mirae asset Emerging Bluechip.

As your vision is 15 years … you may want to do 50% in two funds and ride. After 10 years you may shift to Large cap. Long period mid/small cap gives highest CAGR.


Discl. I hold both these funds in my PF

On what basis have you decided the individuals fund names and the amount. While historical performance is important but not a reflection of future performance.
You need to think through in more detail since you are young and have a savings life span of another 20-25 yrs ahead of you.

My advise to consult a good advisor of you choice Start from here , once you get the account activated( takes 1-2 weeks) , you can buy all the direct funds .

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The returns reported in most of the sites are annualized returns. In addition to looking at these historical returns, I also look at rolling returns over the past 5~10 years to get an idea of how volatile the returns are.