Advice on Champak's portfolio

Experienced investors, please critically evaluate my portfolio and advice.

My investment philosophy is majority of investment in 2-3 sector sectors diversified among multi cap.Growth at reasonable valuation.

Stock Holding Reason for holding Average Price
TCS 14% To capture tailwind in Digital and cloud transformation-Large Cap 1951
Vinati organics 9% To capture tailwind in speciality chemicals 985
Pidilite 9% To capture construction industry tailwind and adhesive market leader 1370
Granules 8% Product mix change and value unlocking post sale of the company 375
Fine Organics 7% To capture tailwind in speciality chemicals 2460
Divis Lab 7% To capture tailwind in bulk and complex API 3610
ITC 6% Value unlocking post demerger 178
Syngene International Ltd 5% To capture tailwind in CDMO and CRAMS platform 555
Navin Flourine 5% To capture tailwind in speciality chemicals 2506
Bharti Airtel 4% To capture transformation/disruption in communication industry 439
Laurus Labs 4% Product mix change 360
Sanghi Industries 4% To capture tailwind in cement industry 39.6
IEX 3% Platform monopoly and post-covid transformation in power sector 230
HDFC Life 3% To capture Tailwind in Insurance sector 685
HDFC Bank 3% Value opportunity 1001
Tata Elxsi 3% To capture tailwind in Digital and cloud transformation-Mid Cap 1877
CDSL 2% Platform duopoly with dominant market share 590
MTAR 2% To capture tailwind in speciality technology company 1055
Solara Active Pharma Sciences Ltd 1% API and CRAMS tailwind 1415
Bharat Electronics 1% Value unlocking in PSU in niche sector 141
Gujarat Industrial Power Company Ltd 1% Value unlocking in PSU in niche sector 89
BSL International 1% Value unlocking in international travel post-COVID 115

can you please share your view on MTAR Tech… i like the company but just not able to convince myself seeing the price and its high PE.

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I like the space they are operating, very niche and not many company like it.Company is run by people who understand ins and outs of business. In my worldview, they are where Infosys was at the initial stages after listing.

I am putting 2% of my portfolio on hopes. Had I being a mature investor, I would have put it on my watchlist rather than betting my money on it.

Please let me know why you think it is expensive and what price you are willing to pay for it?

Will read about MTAR technology

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Some information from my notes:

Precision engineering in the field of nuclear, space, defence and clean energy.
Longstanding relationships with existing customers.

  • ISRO & DRDO- 3/4 decades
  • NPCIL- 16 years
  • Bloom energy-9 years

Around 50% revenue from clean energy segment (Bloom energy)-potential risk.
30% from Nuclear and 20% from defence and space.
MTAR will benefit from GOI’s push for Atamnirbhar and export in defence and space sector.
Size of opportunity could be very big in Space and defence, may end-up the biggest segment for the company.
Increasing operating margin over last three years (around 25%) and better than peers.

I do not know how future unfold and space is clearly an unexplored sector , ISRO is doing great job in making India self dependent that is the angle i want to explore further.

My latest holding. Seeking advice from experienced VP members

Stock Ave cost Holding
TCS 1950 11.11%
Neuland Lab 1942 8.14%
Intellect Design Arena 736 7.20%
Vinati 983 6.87%
Jubilant Pharmova 690 6.75%
Pidilite 1369 6.69%
Fine Organic 2481 5.55%
Divis Lab 3607 5.04%
Navin Fluorine 2741 4.98%
Syngene International 562 4.31%
ITC 178 4.22%
Granules India 366 3.83%
Praj Industries 364 3.81%
Laurus 359 3.05%
Krebs 119 2.92%
Sanghi Industries 40 2.76%
HDFC Life 683 2.62%
IEX 230 2.41%
Tata Elxsi 1876 1.97%
CDSL 589 1.64%
HDFC Bank 1065 1.49%
MTAR 1054 1.47%
RHI Magnesita India 306 1.17%
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