Addition of Insider / Institutional Buying and Selling

An important factor in analysis, would like to see the change in holding pattern of insiders / institutional investors, monthly preferably or quarterly if monthly not possible

hi ,

i am also looking for such data .
Is that such screener available which can give the 'change-in-institutional-ownership ’ wise list .
like the no of institution been added , or % of change in institutional holding on a monthly or quarterly basis.
Individual holding details are available in Moneycotrol share holdings pattern tab.
BUT , not found a screener of such where i can get the list of stocks for compare ,sort etc…

Hi, have you tried: ? it does provide change in the large holdings for different stocks on regular basis.

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NO lokesh ,
no such things found .

i found this site useful for me…thanks

Hi , was going through the thread’s which discuss about insider tracking positions , did not find anything concrete as such .

If you want to track the quarterly positions then in screener you can check this screen - FII Buying - Screener which uses the formula mentioned below :

Change in FII holding  > 1% AND
(FII holding - Change in FII holding ) < 5%

You can change the parameters to DII or as per your wish , secondly what you can do is the companies you track , you can just follow them on screener . So you will receive mails mentioning if there has been any insider trades taking place like this :

This can be very micro management of your stocks , because insider trading never gives you the full picture . But you can always track ! Thank you :slight_smile: