Action construction equipment ltd

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Interesting Summary in this report, i do not have access to this report, pretty premium price :slight_smile: If anyone has access and can summarize the impact to ACE, that will be helpful.

India Crane Market - Strategic Assessment & Forecast 2021-2027 (

This kind of market survey based research reports on construction sector are very common and they have their own business purposes. Personally I don’t provide much importance since the summary of all are quite same. I receive a lot of them everyday,sharing few for better understanding.


This has logged its All Time High today and closed on a high too prior to the result next week. Something big is definitely happening in this sector and company. Expecting some acquisition announcement too from the company in Concall. Let’s see how it pans out.

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Please share the source of your comment,otherwise this will be treated as speculative personal assumption without any evidence,without adding any value to this thread. This forum doesn’t work this way I guess.

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