Accelya Kale Solutions

Accelya Kale Solutions

Accelya Kale Solutions Limited (formerly known as Kale Consultants Limited) is part of the Accelya Group.( )

About Accelya Group

Accelya helps airline and travel companies manage their financial processes and gain insights into their business performance.

Accelyaâs expertise spans across all critical airline financial processes â BSP Processing, Revenue Accounting, Audit & Revenue Recovery, Card Management, Miscellaneous Billing, F&A Processing and Decision Support. Accelya partner with airlines right from the time a ticket or an air waybill is issued, all the way through its entire financial life cycle, until the data is converted into actionable decision support.

With over 200 airline customers, the Groupâs annual revenue is over $110 million. Its operations are spread across 10 countries and it employs over 2000 professionals worldwide. Visit us

Accelya Kale Solutions:

After the change in management, the performance of the company has seen a turnaround.

check out the performance at

In the current quarter, Air India has outsourced its passenger and cargo revenue accounting to Accelya Kale for 5 years.


High dividend yield of about 7 %

P/E 10.5

ROE > 34%

5 yr Sales CAGR about 20% (1 yr 22%)

5 yr profit CAGR about 35% (1 yr about 50%)

Strong cash flows

Debt free

New foreign promoters bringing their experience and focus to business


Catering to airline industry


ACCELYA KALE SOLUTIONS LTD. Mar-08 Mar-09 Mar-10 Jun-11 Jun-12
EBIT Margin 17.47% 20.05% 17.65% 13.64% 27.72%
Capital Turnover 1.72 2.11 1.98 2.56 3.46
RoIC 25.23% 38.19% 32.79% 29.55% 64.48%
Economic Profit Added (EP) 9.28 17.94 17.39 15.13 33.00
EP/MCAP 10.90% 40.42% 20.02% 8.69% 18.72%

TRENDS: 10Years 7Years 5Years 3Years Recent
Sales Growth 19.31% 19.91% 14.54% 8.63%
OPM 23.05% 23.29% 23.19% 23.59% 35.61%
Price to Earning 5.70 5.70 5.70 6.70 10.51

Though it is no longer cheap as it was couple of quarters earlier, I am considering investing in this. Would like to have feedback before I jump in.

Have you put your money in this stock? Great Selection… Can you please guide on how to look for great companies ?

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Another thread was started on this topic… you can follow it here…

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This stock has done well even during Chinese Corona Times…
And now airline business is booming, valuations are also all time better… Worth to hold in small quantities since management is not holding concalls or sharing investor presentations… we can see only bits and pieces of order win in news articles.
but yes they are giving good dividends.

PPFAS (Parag Parikh) has added small quantity of Accelya Solutions to its portfolio (Flexi cap : 12,095 shares worth 1.7 cr and ELSS fund : 5,000 shares work 70L )

Average buying price close to 1416.

In the past PPFAS have been sceptical to add small/micro caps because of low floats


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