Academic qualifications required for a portfolio manager

The highest qualification at this moment is B.Tech in Biotechnology.
What additional certifications / degrees are required to be a portfolio manager ?

any qualification which knows numbers and street smartness , great investors like Buffett , Lynch , fisher, or graham never had a finance qualification but were successful investors and managers .templeton had a masters in law .

I don’t think that it is as easy as it used to be back then. Guess CFA is a must. I maybe wrong though.

its the same at all times , portfolio managers are shackled by the need to produce positive results and thereby are tentative , talking of terms like minimal risk with maximal returns - sounds great but maximal returns are only when u risk it , u are better off as an individual investor where u can take risks and correct as u go ,there is no samocles sword hanging above your head , your individuality is intact . my sincere opinion , but there could be many who may still want to follow the managers or be managers