About the VP Tech Requirements category

From time to time we require to reach out to the VP Audience for help - in non-investing areas too!
VP Heroes like Pratyush Mittal are a shining example of folks who find automatic selection to TopContributors club. Naturally if we are looking to identify/nurture clones for a @hitesh2710 and an @ayushmit, we need to identify/nurture @pratyushmittal clones too :slight_smile:

This category we will sparingly use for highlighting urgent technical requirements that may arise from time to time. Sometimes the best solutions come from folks who can appreciate not only the requirement, but also can envision how beneficial it could be - for the community!

@Donald, please count me in for tech, I can readily contribute.


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Thanks Ganesh. Have you checked out this Reputation System requirement.
Will be great if you can respond directly in that thread.