About the VP Expert Network category

This is a special category we are fortunate to witness at VP. We will be inviting in domain experts we know well to come and share their expertise, so newbies and learners and even seniors can benefit from distilled knowledge imparted in these threads.

  • We should use these threads with respect. Ensure that we respond enthusiastically acknowledging the experts knowledge and grip on the domain whenever we are impressed by some particular insight, that we know would be otherwise hard to come by

  • Ensure that we are respectful of the experts time by not asking frivolous questions; we should look to posing genuine queries on aspects that we need answers to; there is no shame in acknowledging our novice/elementary knowledge levels while asking basic questions; no one is an expert in every field

  • Other (knowledgable) members in specific domain can add value to the discussions by asking more pointed domain specific queries that when elaborated upon by the expert will be useful to all

  • Other domain experts/knowledgable members should probably refrain from posting their own insights in the initial stages - as this may interrupt the Experts flow. Once the topic has been dealt with at a basics level, participation from more knowledgable members/other experts will only make the discussion richer

Hopefully 2020 will see this category thread get the most extraordinary contributions and the most attention from Members. This is a special thread. We will try and invite more and more VP Experts to contribute