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About the Technical Practitioners Corner category

Focused, Actionable strategies crafted by practitioners of the Technical Analysis Art.
(Intended objective: Generation of actionable ideas as shortlist for further investigation)

To maintain high-quality discussions/debates, this will be a moderated category. Any new topic created under this category will require Moderator approval, as will individual posts & replies. So please be patient.

We could/should use this category for following:

  • If you are a Technical Analysis Practitioner, and have honed your craft over at least 10 years+, you are welcome to open a topic with your focused strategies (for actionable ideas generation) here. Help educate us, and refine your strategies with quality (moderated) participation from other senior practitioners

  • Over time, such actionable strategies that stand the test of time (as applicable to different market phases) could become a very valuable repository just like the fundamental analysis focused threads on many valuable businesses. Best place to build up an enviable public track record for successful strategies/strategists!!

  • There are other Technical Analysis threads which are completely open for all kinds of technical analysis posts. Budding technicians (pun intended) can surely play all they want in the open threads. But if you are thinking of posting here, please make sure to first pause and deliberate if it is value-additive and takes the discussion/debate and the craft forward

  • If you know someone practiced in this ART form please invite them over to participate freely here, help educate us, and gain from active high-quality community collaboration