About the Productivity Enhancement category

We are introducing a brand new category for nurturing innate skills/talents displayed. We believe today we are in a Specialisation-Collaboration Age. There are many who can do a reasonable job in many things. However no one can do a perfect job in most things. Yet there are many who do a near-perfect job in their area of specialisation. At VP, we have always demonstrated the power of active collaboration among specialists.

  • This category is for drawing attention to the diverse range of Specialist skills demonstrated/needed at VP to do a good job of what we do - Investing!

  • This category is different from the other categories in that we will be actively seeking to develop clones for the most appreciated talents/skills displayed at VP Forums.

  • Topics in this category will mostly be comprised of “Live Requirements from Seniors” aimed at Capacity Building of a required skill/talent. The live requirements could/should be structured as a set of assignments that hones the skills and progressively delivers a common unified Template - usable by all VP Members and the Investment Community at large!

Tall Ambitions? Well, Yes. As you might have realised, we are never short of top-flight ambitions at VP!!