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Tried to combine some tools which I use

Go to google

Search for the company name- ajanta pharma
Click on News
Scroll to the bottom of the page
Click on Create Alert
Click on Show Options an select the options which suits you

This gives you alerts based on the news the Google scans on the web and periodically sends to your inbox(very handy). This process is as above as on 27 july 2015 and it may change in future

-To get Cocalls, Investor presentations, Management Interviews,ARs
-Shareholding Pattern mainly


I wanted to upload an excel which pulls data from and calculate the Self Sustainable Growth Rate, RoCE, RoA for 5 years for the stock. It also does many other calculations and also does an TTM level. But I cannot update the excel here.

Let me know how can I do it?

Amol Chavan

Hi Maven,

If possible, Please share the Excel to mahesh.sharma1121987@gmail.com


Hey Amol,
Can you share excel on my email vikskukreja@gmail.com
I have made similar excel to calculate business ratios and expected growth level.
Would like to compare with yours and correct if any mistakes in my excel.

Vikas Kukreja

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Hi Maven,

I have joined VP recently. Can you please email your Excel to me at sudarshan.prasad@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Sudarshan

Hi Maven,

I have recently joined VP, please share the excel at saurabhinvests@gmail.com. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Maven,

Please share the excel at catchmukul05@gmail.com also.


Please share your excel on miteshhalani@yahoo.com


I am new here and I liked the aforesaid Excel (saw in a thread). Could you or (@mahesh112, @vikskukreja, @sudarshanp, @catchmukul05, @miteshhalani, @gargsaurabh, @catchmukul05) anyone has a copy of the same. If possible, please email me at jayesh2655@gmail.com.



how do you send a private message?

I clicked on the name of the member on top of the message. It opens up member profile, but could not locate link for private message.

Request to guide. thanks in advance.


Can you share excel on mango1156@gmail.com

Mangesh T

Sir, Please share the spreadsheet to sbhadti@yahoo.com
Thanks, Sbhadti