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Probably high time we formalised a functionality-request category.

Feel free to add “sorely-missed” feature requests, with some justification on how it helps you (e.g. enhances productivity, discover valued content, discover valued contributors, et al)

We will ask tech group led by @pratyushmittal to review periodically and add to planned Forum-roadmap.



would be glad if dark mode can be implemented.
This will reduce strain on the eyes.
A sincere thanks for the creators of this forum.

Thanks and regards.


Would be great to separate the Con call summary and discussion - the community put up a lot of content on what they learned from the con call. My thought is following

  1. Have a separate wiki kind page for each con call
  2. Community can edit and mark for correction
  3. This can be improved further by tracking company promises on future activity - this would be handy to know and track a company better.
  4. This could be extended to the Annual report summary too.