About the Forum Abuse Examples category

This category is to highlight examples of Forum Abuse. Those who indulge in such abuse knowingly, or unknowingly will understand how seriously we view such abuse/breach of Forum Guidelines. New users must read through such threads to familiarise themselves with the modus operandi.

As Abhishek Basumallick (our valued Moderator and Forum Watchdog) puts it, there is a “pattern” we should spot, and be very wary

  1. Extremely long-winded Title with tall claims
  2. Absence of substantive merits in the investment hypothesis, but lot of hype
  3. Very little focus on the RISKS side, may be completely ignored
  4. Long winded explaination to queries - building up on the hyperbole
  5. Irresponsible, definitive, motherhood statements start being sprayed

Another pattern to be wary of
6. 95% + posts from a person are on a single business

Will shortly put up an example of forum abuse that came to our notice