Ability to apply screen filters on a search result

Hi Ayush,

Would love to have ability to apply screen filters on a search result if that is possible.



Sorry, couldn’t understand your query…plz elaborate.

Hi Ayush,

sorry this was a mis-guided request when i was new to screener. Pls ignore.

One small question: We have an option for setting alerts onpublicscreeners created by others .

Is there any way i can directly go to the screener page for which i have created an alert. Whenever we click it gives us the option to modify the alert and are not able to go to the corresponding screener page.

Please consider adding "my alert screens " with similar functionality as “my stock screens” on a users home page.

onpublicscreeners Got your point. Will add the option of seeing the liked screens on the home page.


could you give the option to chose the cos to compare under peers?

Warm Regards