Abhis portfolio

Dear members,
Below is my portfolio. May I request you to provide your views on the same:
This has been generated in the last one year

Caplin Point Lab: 10% 460
CDSL 5% 290
Deepak fertilizer 6% 305
Finolex cable 5% 600
Graphite India 5% 780
HEG 4% 3100
HDFC Bank 5% 1900
hindalco 4% 230
interglobe aviation 8% 1240
jamna auto 5% 84
L&T Infotech 5% 1380
Manappuram finance 5% 102
Maruti suzuki 7% 8700
Mold tek packaging 4% 305
Oberoi realty 4% 490
Page industries 6% 21500
Pidilite 4% 1050
Piramal ent 4% 2350
Radico Khaitan 3% 380

Hi @abhijain

Your portfolio has roughly an equal weightage of cyclicals and compounders at a cursory glance. It will be somewhat difficult to track it and the returns from one would be set off from the other leading to mediocre performance over time. My suggestion is that your portfolio should reflect your temperament and once you identify which camp you belong to - you should make the necessary changes to your holdings. In the meanwhile, i would suggest getting rid of cyclicals and staying put in solid cos which exhibit a decent growth rate.

You also need to put up your one line thesis for investing that captures the main reason for investing in the cos.



Two questions please - By cyclicals, in this list - would your reference be to only to Realty and Fertiliser? Or are there others ? Secondly - wouldnt it be good to be diversified than concentrated ? Distributing the eggs, rather than place them all in one - like a small contrarian bet ? Kindly elaborate for those of us not in the know.