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Hi everyone

First of all, let me introduce myself. I am relatively a new investor and have been investing in the market since 2013. I am amazed to see the knowledge shared on this platform, its really helpful for investors like us. Every evening, these days I am spending a considerable amount of time reading views of many top contributors.

This is my first post. Kindly correct me or direct me in case I am violating any rules of this forum. I would like to present here my portfolio and would like to seek views of experts. These are just for presentation purposes and I am not advocating or suggesting anyone to buy or hold these stocks. I am not a SEBI registered broker or agent.


I know the list is too long and every now and then I am removing few unwanted and non-performing stocks from my portfolio.

Request everyone to give me a feedback and any suggestions on the selection and maybe few future recommendations.


You are right. It needs some cleanup. When you clean up, stick with your winners and get rid of the laggards. Dont hold on to bad business because you dont want to sell at a loss.

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Sorry for some goof-ups in the attachment as few stocks were reflected twice.

Here is the updated list -


imho, it would be easier if you could list these scrips sector wise along with the investment rationale and then take a call to consolidate your holdings. Either add to those that are lower in weight (if you feel there’s good future potential) or exit them fully - irrespective of gains/losses.

Personally, I like to have b/w 5-15% in any stock (unless you have just begun to add them). As an individual investor, one will find it impractical to keep track of such a large number of companies/industries (not their market prices) on an ongoing basis. Alternately, it would be better to invest in a few mutual funds (without having the hassles of tracking the goings on in those companies/industry/sectors).

There are 50+ stocks in that list. How do you manage to effectively track them all? Also some stocks have given returns of 2x/ 3x, but due to low allocation, their impact on overall PF appears to be negligible or small. Perhaps the pf could be pruned to 20/30 stocks , which will be easier to manage, IMHO.

Thank you very much for your replies. I understand that over the years, I got into many stocks. By the way, this portfolio is mine and my wife’s combined portfolio. However, I will gradually prune it down.

Any suggestions will be more than welcome in the direction of which ones to retain and which to exit.