A lengthy portfolio

Dear investors, it will be of immense help, if you can list out the good and bad on the stocks of my portfolio. In short, some of the stocks are due to reco given specifically by PowerYourTrade multibagger, some by geojit and others by my own perception on reading articles on various sites (like pharma, coromandel, EID) and unfortunately or fortunately the list has grown long…

I have attached my portfolio herewith

Thanks in Advance.


Portfolio.xls (17.5 KB)

Lots of good businesses in there.

I’ll comment on Cairn, which is one of your biggest positions. I think it is outsized. Although optically it may look cheap at 5-6x PE but that is just a mirage. It’s a business with uncertain terminal value. There is no certainty of license renewals beyond 2020 (frosty relations between Congress & Anil Agarwal doesn’t help). Lacking that, the company is unlikely to spend much on capex after 2015. It does generate a good deal of cash but there’s high risk that the cash never reaches you as sister concerns of the group have high leverage, so cash may go elsewhere. Moreover, if oil price increases, the government’s share of economics will increase as per existing schedule, so company will get less benefit.

Hi Hariharan

At first glance these are some of the quality stocks/business in your portfolio at first glance… They will provide you stability at times… Other stocks have no idea… I assume you are a passive investor… Hence the number of stocks in the portfolio… Please go through the entire valuepickr forum … Our learning will increase exponentially…

Based on that you can take your own decisions



Portfolio.xls (17 KB)

Hi Mallikarjun and Jain,

Thanks for your inputs. I had recently joined and going through the various forums to get better understanding.

Thanks again.