A Gentle and Practical Introduction To Value Investing

In order to deepen my learning on value investing, I have started teaching it for free in the US. You can find my detailed lecture notes at https://goo.gl/TDsHnm. The lecture notes is a work in progress.



I have been following Jana on Twitter and also through his blog and have been pretty impressed by his thought process.

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I have read much of this accomplished persons blog and continue to follow his readings/ teachings/ learnings.

In my opinion, his writings are unparalleled.

His blog is a must read even for those not related/interested in stock market.

The purpose of anyone’s careers/work/profession is not only to make money but also grow, survive, adapt. He is a master at linking excerpts from Buffet, Munger ,accounts, finance, teachings on evolution, adaptation, and linking them in plain english language.


Great work Jana. I am big fan of your blog. Enjoy reading and learning. Please update this in blog too.


Nice content and line-up Jana. Your blogs have been a treasure of information.

Just that it would be great if you could also share your thoughts on capital allocation while building a position. Basically there have been several debates around concentration v/s diversification and their merits/demerits. What I am seeking is thoughts that go while you build a position.

For eg. if you are convinced of an opportunity, and have thought about a % of your portfolio, depending on your conviction, when do you enter in phases/ when all at once. How do you tackle internally the queries opposing the thesis for investment. For me I have never been clear about how attractive is the opportunity, and hence written for myself scenarios on whether how much stock de-rates and decide accordingly my allocation, given the current valuation. This has helped me tremendously dealing with temporary corrections and adding to the position at that time.

Would be great if you have anything to share on the subject.


just downloaded, starting reading, thanks :smile:
will there be incremental updates?

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Yes. I will be publishing the updates in my blog. Will update this thread also.



I like to build positions over time. The main reason is that knowledge is cumulative and its hard to know everything about the business and industry in round one. The counter argument against this is that if we don’t load up, then we might miss out on mouth watering opportunities. I am ok to miss the upside as the goal in investing is to protect the downside. There is no right answer to this question. Do what makes you sleep peacefully at night.



Updated the tutorials with lecture notes on analyzing Google from the vantage point of business. It can be found here https://goo.gl/TDsHnm


Jana i do follow and enjoy your blog and twitter feed. Wonderful learning.
good luck with the tutorials and god bless

Updated the tutorials with lecture notes on analyzing Google from the vantage point of Moats. It can be found here https://goo.gl/TDsHnm


Updated the tutorials with lecture notes on analyzing Google from the vantage point of Management. It can be found here https://goo.gl/TDsHnm

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Many Thanks for the GREAT share. Pls. keep up the good work.

I will be delivering my final lecture tomorrow. You can find all my lecture notes in one file - https://goo.gl/TDsHnm


Thanks a lot for sharing this gem.

wow. end product has come out nice & thanks for sharing it so freely!
you make the boring subject of investing sound so interesting.
is this the culminating work of your year long hibernation or can we expect more interesting things :smile:

thanks, raghav

Dear Jana,

A very nice effort.

As Munger says:
“The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.”

Wish you good health, happiness and a fulfilling 2016.

Warm regards.