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A beginner's portfolio

Hey everyone,
I recently began investing in the stock market and I created a portfolio for myself. But I’m not really sure about my allocations and I thought the people on this forum who are a lot more experienced than me could help me out. I’d like to share my portfolio with you guys and would love for some helpful input.

My Portfolio

52.22% - RELIANCE
8.45%. - INFOSYS
5.48%. - LAURUS LABS
0.47%. - SBI

My capital isn’t alot so I planned on investing most of it into safer large cap stocks and I do plan on investing more in the rest of them too. I’m also looking into newer stocks to add to my portfolio and I’m open to suggestions.

Also thank you guys for taking the time out to read this. It would be great if you guys could share your views and opinions :smiley:

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50% allotment to a single stock and 80% to 2 stocks has huge concentration risk.


Too much concentrated…if you have great conviction fine…better to have at least 10 stock for risk diversification.
assuming you did enough research on stocks selected and have your thesis for buying…so not commenting.
my personal view is to avoid public sectors, they are wealth destroyers in long term. so look at kotak/hdfc bank or other private banks for long term…

Deepak Nitrite (midcap), Laurus(midcap) & Price Pipes(small cap) do not fall into large cap stocks…~40% of your portfolio into these. so check if you are fine with mid/small cap.

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Yeah sure. Thanks for the advise :slight_smile:

Yes I’ve got to change that. Thanks for the input :slight_smile:

Not more than 10% in one stock

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Sure will try and change that. Thank you for the advise :smiley:

I would advise reading as much as you can about companies. You will get to learn how to allocate on the way so dont worry too much about it since you already said you have a small capital


80% allocation in 2 stocks is too risky.
In chemicals you can look into some other emerging companies part from Deepak Nitrate whose valuation is very expensive now, it’s just my view.

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Concentration is not a problem. Concentration in wrong stocks at wrong time=disaster. Knowing what you own is extremely important when you have a concentrated portfolio.