A 21 year old's portfolio

Hi guys,

I’m new to Valuepickr but can see the amount of value this forum has. I started investing in Jan-Feb of this year, and here is my current portfolio.

Stock - Buy Price - Current Price

Sintex - 35 - 95

Kitex - 342 - 560

Shilpa - 515 - 553

Astec - 57 - 105

Suven - 110 - 211

So apart from Shilpa, every other stock has made a decent profit. Should I book profit on Shilpa at this stage? I’m also looking at investing another 50k into equity, so can anybody suggest a few stocks that I can shortlist?

Also, is it a good time to invest in the market or are we expecting a correction?

Hi Prateek

We are happy to see a very young guy interested in equities…

Regarding stocks, you can search about them @ the right top corner of the page ( In the 2nd empty space )…

You will get lots of information about the company/business… Later you can decide whether to invest or not…

And please do go through Capital Allocation thread… It may be little tough @ one go but it’s priceless…



21yr guy in equity. Hats off man. I cant express how happy I am seeing a 21 year guy entering into equity.

At 21 year, dont bother about stocks, just invest in quality names and let them compound. Rather invest in reading books related to investing, economics, psychology, and general non-fiction to widen your wisdom. At 30-40yr odd, when most of the folks start investing, you will have an super-solid edge/moat, that handful of investor will have, and that can be like having 4-5 legs in ass kicking competition.

You have a very very long way to go. So make sure to make your base strong, and develop patience to ride on multiple bull-bear cycle that you are going to see in your investing journey.

Wish you a very happy investing journey (or I would rather say, wisdom-building journey: as I see no difference between building wisdom, and investing wisely)




Thanks guys!

If you must have noticed, I’ve picked up some stocks thanks to the research done by experts on this forum. I’m also into MF since I believe that these guys are in this field for a long time and can manage my funds in a much better way, and it is a bit more safer than going on tips and buying equity. Have 4 SIPs of 5k each, 3 of which are growth funds and one is a tax-saving fund. Just looking out for ‘quality names’ like you mentioned :slight_smile:

Subash Nayak has said it all.

If you do a 20% compounding over next 15 years and at 35 years of age when people normally get into equities (seriously and all burnt fingers) - You could be miles away.

Just start with quality names and invest in the right education.

Wish valuepickr/other value websites would had been there when I was 21 !!

What a difference it would have made !!


Along with your equity and MF investments, would also suggest to invest in books with % of allocation from your money to start with. Excellent set of recommendations are here - http://www.valuepickr.com/forum/must-have-investing-basics-books/857879181. Having set of these books and re-reading would enrich the investing learning.

Frankly speaking, I am not at a fan of MFs. Agreed to the fact that we do have some really great fund managers, but their advantage is shadowed by issues coming due to the amount of money they manage. Some of the better managed one can be used if you are novice in stock investing, otherwise it is so easy to beat the best performing MF. I am telling it with statistics (read “What works in wall street”) and experience.




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Here’s advise from another 21 year old,who started 2 years back.When I started,20-25% was all I was looking for.But markets have been kind & returns have been far superior than I had ever envisaged.You are lucky to be starting out with VP itself! I discovered this site,8-10 months into my ‘investing career’.

Read the threads on stocks here.Its an awesome forum,where you will get co-operation from seniors/juniors alike.Also,read as much as you can…whatever comes your way.It will help you in investing.If you had just read some health column,on the nutritional effects of Shrimps,you might have had an edge when looking at Avanti Feeds.There can be multiple such cases.You need to be inquisitive,rational,humble & as skeptical as possible.Try to work negative logic for your investments: What all can go wrong? And then,go ahead with the decision.You will make mistakes,but “The biggest cost of a mistake is,not learning from it!” If you learn,then you are fine.

Keep learning & keep contributing.

Hi Prateek,

In the same boat as you, though turned 22 a few months back. I started out around 4 years back and the learning curve has been steep to say the least.

I guess u can learn a lot from books as they provide you the right perspective. Try to read classics, especially Peter Lynch books to develop interest, it’s a good point to start with. Then you can go to some deeper level books on valuations.

Important thing is to keep learning & keep investing.

Prateek… with long term horizon, you can bank on banking stocks that split recently… AXISBANK and SBIN. Do your research befor einvesting.