2023 VP Annual Conference, Goa : Apr 27-30

This year we made a format change so that more folks could be accommodated.

Aim was to take in

  • 20 solid contributors
  • 10 newcomers/wildcards
  • 10 inhouse VP domain experts

We decided to try a new initiative of a getting Pro investors and Domain Experts together in a “jugalbandi” of sorts. Given that we tried this for the first time, results are exciting. We are emboldened that we can try a better agenda mix in 2024 and maybe get 60-70 folks on-board.

That will mandate more complex and advance planning for event hosting. BUt can be done with dedicated resources.

Happy to start sharing Presentations made (in separate threads)
Please be patient as sanity checks may take a couple of days or more

PS: All who attended can be identified through the “2023 Collaborator/Domain Expert” label attached
Requesting attendees to please expand their “About Me” in profiles section, so those who want to reach out to you, can do so easily :slight_smile:


Glad to see your dream taking shape sir. You now have enough to start a pro investing league :). Wishing you all wonderful journey and a lot of success. Please keep sharing the learnings - looking forward to new ideas and super deep analysis.


All the best to every body who attended and sharing your ideas and thoughtprocess with all of us… have a wonderful journey of investing…


Hello everyone, please share your learnings and valuable insights.


Dear Donald,

Thank you for excellent threads getting churned from this conference.

Would someone introduce the attendees and their VP handles if that is doable.

Were there any sessions of investment journeys of any of the participants ?

Thank you.


Hi Donald,
How can we know when the next Annual VP conference is being planned? & how can we apply to join the conference?