20 Microns - initial analysis

I would like initiate a discussion on 20 Microns Ltd, a specialty inorganic chemical company. It’s a 190 crores Mcap company with annual revenue of 410 crores and has EBITDA margin in the range of 13%-14%. It has seven manufacturing facilities and sizable part of revenue is derived from export market. For more detail about the businesss one can visit the website - http://www.20microns.com/

Competitive Advantage - Niche specialty chemical player with no major competition, good entry barrier given long term mining leases. consistent growth in revenue and profit.

Valuation: EV/EBITDA of less than 6.0x, manageable debt of about 130 crores, translating into healthy debt to EBITDA ratio of 2.4x

I would request views and opinion on the company, thanks!

Please read the guidelines for starting a thread. There is no analysis present on the company other than quoting a few elementary numbers and it is presented as a Multibagger stock ! I am editing out the “multibagger” part and requesting admin to lock or delete this thread.