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(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #102

Corporate announcement from Wim Plast…they have discontinued 4 models and remaining 9 continue to be sold in the market.


(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #103

Just did some scuttlebut. Wimplast played it smart.

The discontinued models still being sold in the market. For example, see below link showing Tower 50L (which is restricted by court being sold online on Paytm.

The logic I believe is that WimPlast will discontinue selling it to dealers. But dealers can sell it whaterver inventory they have. And in the cooler market, dealers buy stock early much before summer actually kicks in… to get discounts…and here you go…this will imply that Wim Plast has already got the advance so ideally these restricted models should not much affect their sales this year, but it may next year if the verdict of court remains same.

(Aniket Gore) #104

Wim Plast Ltd has informed BSE that:

"Symphony Ltd has filed Design Suits against Wim Plast Ltd and had obtained an ex-parte order dated 6th April 2016 (ORDER) from the Hon’ble District Court of Gandhinagar and restrained Wimplast Ltd for selling their Air-cooler models namely Tower-25, Tower-50, Wave and Marvel.

Aggrieved from above order, Wim Plast Ltd has preferred an Appeals bearing No. 125 to 127of 2016, before Hon’ble Gujarat High Court. Wherein the Hon’ble Gujarat High Court was pleased to set aside Hon’ble District Court’s above order on April 26 2016.

In view of above, Wim Plast Ltd can now freely sell and market their all air-cooler products of which every one please take note".

(Arun Kumar) #105

Any idea of the potential sales of the air coolers? What is the size of the market? and How much market share can WImplast garner? What is their capacity? This year the summer has been quite hot and expect air cooler sales to be high.

(Aniket Gore) #106

Estimates and forecasts for air cooler market.

Its still too early to see what share Wimplast can garner. Their strategy, quality, pricing and performance, after sales presence all have a role to play. Market leader symphony is really strong in the branded sector, and other competitors like Bajaj are also in the game.

In principle there is room for all to grow and the market should shift gradually towards branded solutions. deep presence across dry and hot parts of india, aesthetic fit and finish, energy efficiency, pump life, good after sales should be key factors.

(jshah17umd) #107

Any fundamental reason why stock corrected to 1700 on Tuesday?

It was around 2000 around 3 pm.
I looked at the BSE, block deal and there is share transfer from one promoter to another.

But I wonder why would they not transfer at 2000 and drop the price to 1700

(Aniket Gore) #108

According to information presented in symphony concall (symphony management estimates) courtesy @crazymama

The domestic air cooler market including organized and unorganized is 7m units growing at 10-12% annually. Of the total market, 20% is organized which is growing at 15% annually.

(dr mehul shah) #109

This might be because of their agreement on terms and price structure… Mutually agreed to…

(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #110

Wimplast reported 4Q result on Friday…steady bottomline growth, though not much uptick in revenue/PAT seems to be there due to cooler business.


(ishandutta2007) #111

alphainvesco continues to hold with no fresh entry

(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #112

New website for cello air coolers: http://cellocoolers.com/

Interesting videos to understand revolutionary bubble guard and other products:






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(Kranthi Kumar) #113

Hi vivek,
Can you clarify if the kitchenware products belong to Wimplast or the cello group company. I couldn’t find these products in the official Wimplast site.

(Adiga) #114

Please check

(Kranthi Kumar) #115

Hi Adiga, it lists only the plastic furniture,bubblegard and cooler products. I was asking about the kitchenware products mentioned above. If they belong to the listed wimplast or a group company. If you have any links, pls share.

(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #116

@pkranthikumar You are right. Kitchenware might be under group company, but I don’t see it specifically mentioned anywhere in annual report. I will write to Investor Relations team for the clarification. Thanks for pointing that out.

There is another channel with “WIM PLAST LTD.” in youtube where kitchenware related videos are not present, so it looks like kitchenware is under other group entity.

(Growth_without Debt) #117

Vivek…Any idea about Cello Air cooler products sales figures/customer reviews? How the product is doing in market? Will Wim Plast top and bottom line have significant advantage due to Cello Air cooler?

(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #118

On Air coolers front, I have seen it getting sold in various shopping malls like More Megastore + through online channels like Amazon, Snapdeal, Paytm etc. I think its very preliminary stage to get reviews.

The sales figures for this year might not be significant in my view since it did not cover entire season + some models were stuck due to ongoing litigation. However, it might generate around 10-15% of incremental profits this year in my opinion. It will be difficult to separate out topline in case company don’t give split explicitely (read due to crude oil fluctuations they might have reduced prices of other products which makes revenue subdued).

I would suggest to wait for annual report and lets see if they give disclosure on split and how they are looking forward to market this. In my opinion, bubble guard and portable plastic furniture segments should be disruptive going forward rather than air cooler.

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(chets) #119

Good news for shareholders, Wim plast board will consider issuing of Bonus shares on 2nd Aug. The stock may move positively based on this news!

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(Vivek Mashrani, CFA) #120

Wim Plast cam out with stellar 1Q’16 results today. Net profit growth of 43% vs. 1Q’15. Also, board recommended bonus issue to shareholders.


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(Growth_without Debt) #121

What’s performance of air cooler bussiness? Any information

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