Vikas Ecotech - Chemical Company

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Its the small irregularities which finally snowballs into frauds later on…thats why I have been saying…everything depends on the management…what they want to make of this opportunity

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So I’ve had a talk with their investor relations team. They said they have paid TDS and GST for the period under review and accepted it that it was mistake on the company’s part for delaying on TDS payment.

Also, their Dahej plant will still some more time to become functional as they are facing some ONGC gas pipeline issue out there, due to which they are now having to move their plant to an adjoining plot.

The company has high credit period coz of exports, they told me that the consignment takes around 30 days to get fully delievered to client location, let’s say US, and after that client takes around 90-120 days to dispatch payment. They are trying to work upon it but that’s something they are gonna have to deal with for now, increase in domestic revenues could bring it down however.

Disc : Invested since 22 levels with accumulation done at dips, and cautiously invested as I know that liquidity issues are a problem for this company. But till now it has been manageable for them but let’s see, how it shapes out.

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Could you please confirm with the management regarding conference call as you are in their contact? They usually arrange a con call after every quarterly result.

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Do any one have Bank of Baroda captial Equity investing account, as i want to know what thier equity research team has come up the update on Vikas Ecotech, as they are only one who is publishing the research report on Viaks Ecotech.

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Hi Abhishek,

You had done a tremendous job last year where you even talked with the clients of Vikas ecotech and also had a conversation with one Chinese guy who happened to be working in MTM related industry. It would be great to get your inputs on the current situation and the analysis which you had done and covered during the last year.

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Is this a latest report… i remember reading BOB report more than an year

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I don’t have much idea on it but if anybody has, if they could post their comments on this obersevation… I have observed that market depth of Vikas ecotech is very weird and appears shady… I haven’t seen such numbers in other companies… if anybody has noticed the market depth of Vikas ecotech, could you tell me what could be the reason for it ?

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I think AGM has been set for 24th Feb

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Attaching Morning Star Quantitative report on Vikas Ecotech released todayVIKASECO.pdf (66.2 KB)
, they’ve assigned fair value of the stock as 32 around.

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But whats the overall rating they have given??? could not understand that

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I will not go by Morning star report at all. Stock investing is more about
future than past. GOI’s anticipated ban on using lead based chemical in PVC
pipes is the real theory behind higher valuation of VIKAS in future, which
has not been touched upon by the the analyst. He is, probably, not aware of
this at all.

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so if you go through the recently released quarterly ending December 2017 results, you would observe that assets(in manufacturing segment) have increased by 44% from previous quarter… what could be the reason behind such a surge? also, this time around, almost 28% revenues were generated through trading business. I was under the impression that company was slowly slowly trimming trading business in favor of manufacturing business

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Just my guess, Assest in Manufacturing increase due to things they may have buyed for the Dahej Plant or Rajasthan plant ?

Generally the revenue from Manufacturing has been 75% and Trading has been 25%. As Mr.Vikas Garg told Dec quarter is always a lean quarter (maybe he eas referring to chemical/manufacturing business as lean quarter). These are just my assumption and i have no hard fact to prove it.

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Anybody aware of the outcome of AGM which happened on 24th February, i.e. on Saturday? I don’t think anything has been uploaded on BSE regarding it till now…

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No updated yet. Hope it gets done by this noon. Or will need to ring the company.

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the stock has taken a massive beating, and it doesn’t look normal from any perspective. True markets have been correcting but this stock took some massive beating and has continued to bleed throughout. Is there anything we are not aware of?

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Yes. At least it has come in line with the Morningstar Analysis and now no longer in the “over valued” zone

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Vikas eco is a business showing sales and profits due to huge credit period
and negative cash flows… It is difficult to sustain a high valuation…