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(Sachin) #48

Kartik, Sachin Jadhav here pease add me I sent you message.

(kartik.nibjiya) #49

Ok sir will add you…

(prasad17j) #51

I have sent my phone number through PM. You can add me. Prasad Deshpande

(Sameer Wakude) #53

I am in. I have PMed u my details.

(ameya85) #55


I am Ameya, and I am from Pune. I have been a silent & rather a bit over observant member of VP. I would love to be part of meetings, if planned any. Also please add me to groups you have created.


(cool_raj) #59

Hi All,
Any plans for Pune meet up.
I can see that every other city group has already done first meet

(Manish) #68

Hi @cool_raj

Name : Manish Sehgal
Mobile number : Sent you dm



As folks having taken initiative for ValuePickr Pune off-line meet-ups, we hope you have noticed the important communication on subject

  1. Please confirm that you have taken the first step. Renaming the WhatsApp group to not use ValuePickr (words, logo,byline)
  2. Please create a closed (invitation only) Google doc/Excel ASAP, and share that with folks here (after updating already existing user contact details) so this thread is not vulnerable to spammers. But new members can join the initiative.

All members who have posted in this thread-
1.Please ensure your contact details are updated with above folks, and then self-edit your posts to say something about yourself, interest areas, professional or domain expertise and anything else you may want to add; but most importantly make sure you delete your contact details floating around for spammers.
2. Please comply with this house-keeping request latest by 1st Oct, and help us keep VP a clean uncluttered, value-additive space

It is in this groups interest that group members identities and profiles are well established to help increase your TRUST CIRCLES. Newer members have an incentive to reach out naturally to folks one resonates with, and create a self-reinforcing loop.

Seeking everyone’s co-operation. Non-complying member posts will get automatically deleted from 2nd October, 2016

(unmesh_d) #75

Pune Meet up is organised on 2nd Oct Sunday.

Time & place yet to be decided. Creative inputs are welcome & required to make Meet up more useful for all the participants.

Standard Valuepickr forum rules will apply during Meet up.

After the Meet up I will post summary of the entire event & details about topics discussed, Investment ideas presented etc.

(unmesh_d) #76


I request all Pune members to fill this form to enroll to Pune Whatsapp group and also to register preferences for meetups. Also delete your mobile numbers posted in forum

Google Form for Whatsapp Group & Meetup preferences.

(unmesh_d) #77

Meetup updates:

Date: 2nd Oct 2016 - Sunday
Time: 4.00 pm onwards
Place: Kamala Nehru Park - Prabhat Road, Deccan, Pune
Location: Google Map (Click on the link)

At the request of many members, we are conducting an informal meetup this time so that members will get to know each other. Next time we will do a formal meetup in some conference room/auditorium with seating arrangement, projector etc.

No need to register, just come at the venue directly. Its a big open park. If weather condition is rainy then meetup will be cancelled for obvious reasons.Check weather before arriving at the venue.

(unmesh_d) #78

As of 28th Sept 1 pm, 12 investors have confirmed their attendance for meetup.

(Mukesh Tolani) #79


Although I am not sure, I will be able to make it to the meet., but I am averse to the idea of meeting up in a open park.

Meeting without agenda., & that too, at a place where there can’t be good discussions., doesn’t make much sense to me.
These are just my personal views.

ValuePickr Delhi & Mumbai group had done a fantastic job at their first meet., with proper agenda, presentations & a closed door venue.

I think it is better to have a well-planned meet at any later date., rather than hurrying on to have a vague informal meet.

(unmesh_d) #80

What you said makes perfect sense. But a Meet up at closed door venue will need some money for rental purpose.

I have such place in mind. The question now comes about total number of participants & contribution collection from participants.

If you can give some suggestion about how to collect money for booking such a venue, that would be great.

My thought are as follows, during first informal meet, members will get to know each other. We will decide 3-4 organizing members among ourselves. When next meet up is finalized investors can make paytm/UPI transfer & confirm their attendance & also give individual contributions towards venue rent for meet up.

(Mukesh Tolani) #81

Sorry for the delayed reply., Unmesh.

I dont think that the interested participants will mind the nominal contribution.
Rather, it can help in arranging a decent place, where proper introduction & sharing can take place.

Yet, you can take a decision., keeping in mind., what the majority prefers.

(unmesh_d) #82

Majority has preferred an informal meet for the first meet up. We will select few organizers who will scout for venues for meet up & bargain for better price.

Then we will finalize most efficient venue from point of view of seating availability, projectors, white board, parking facility, centrally located and lastly price per member.

Thereafter we shall conduct monthly or once every two month a meet up at this selected venue.

I checked Mumbai group, they used for money collection & seat reservation.

I think we should also use the same. I will work out the details on instamojo. If you or any one else have any inputs about same or some better suggestion, please suggest & contribute towards organizing really good meet ups in Pune.

(unmesh_d) #83


There is 7% chance of rain tomorrow in Pune during meetup hrs.

If its raining , meetup would be cancelled for obvious reason. Please check weather conditions tomorrow before proceeding for meetup.

7% is pretty low probability. Hope so that its nice sunny tomorrow :sun_with_face::sunny:

(unmesh_d) #84

Final Update

Venue Changed: Meet up at Starbucks - FC road.
4 pm onwards.
Today - 2nd Oct

(kartik.nibjiya) #85

Membership to Valuepickr Pune Whatsapp Group open… Kindly Msg your number…

(unmesh_d) #86

Successful Meet up held in Pune. 13 investors attended Meet up.

We discussed about variety of stocks. Since meetup was informal, stocks were not discussed at length but members gave summary about their biggest % allocation stock picks.

More importantly we completed administrative part of Pune Investors Meetups.

Next formal meetup is on 23rd Oct. (New date 6th Nov)

3 hr meetup followed by lunch.

I will workout finer points about booking & let group know the detailed agenda. It will be closed door event with projector, whiteboard, proper sitting arrangement + 1 hr sessions from fellow investors in Pune.

Sitting will be limited & there will be rent contribution from every participant for venue. Sitting capacity only for 40-50 members.

Passes for Meet up would be made available on Instamojo or Explara.

In sessions (45 min session + 15 min Q&A), we are planning one from Entreprenuer/Successful Investor. One from a professional CA & Investor who will explain nuances of balance sheet, income statement & cash flow and one more session.

Enter your details below to register for Meet ups & Whatsapp Group.

Registration for Pune Investors Whatsapp Group & Pune Meetups